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Musket Rounds: US Open Cup Final, Urso Tributes, Women's Soccer League, And More

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Good afternoon and welcome to today's Musket Rounds. Forgive me if the preamble is short; I've got a busy day ahead of me at work today. This edition of the Rounds features a lot of Open Cup news, as well as some good stuff on the American women's professional soccer front, a few odds and ends from the New England Revolution, and much more.

Revolution Links

Feilhaber comfortable in deep-lying midfield role | New England Revolution
Glad you feel good there, Benny, because that's probably where you're gonna stay for a while.

New man Gavin aims to make his mark on Revs midfield |
"Wow, I get to play with Shalrie." Oh, the irony.

Other Links

Roger Espinoza's immediate future - US Soccer Players
Jason Davis with a look at what the future could hold for Roger Espinoza. He's dirty player a lot of the time, to be sure, but he had a hell of a tournament with Jerry Bengtson and Honduras.

Melissa Tancredi avoids suspension, can play in bronze-medal match | ProSoccerTalk
I see this more as "FIFA avoids big hullabaloo because their ref is garbage, and Lloyd doesn't get justice." I understand the reason for not suspending Tancredi, and I can't say I blame them, but it's a cowardly decision in the face of what was honestly just a terribly-reffed match. Own up to your official's incompetence, and punish a thug for obviously malicious play. Then again, but NOT suspending Tancredi, in a way FIFA and the IOC actually are owning up to the incompetence, by admitting that it was wrong but, in light of the way the game went, they can't see a reason for punishment.

Major League Soccer Picks An Odd Time To Announce New Tiebreakers | KCKRS
I dunno how I feel about this. Definitely weird that it gets dropped right now.

Top Teams Finalizing the Formation of Women’s Soccer League - Boston Breakers
Good to see. I won't watch it much, but I want to see the women in the US (and elsewhere) have a place to play, too. It's not fair otherwise. But the more interesting bit of news in this piece - if you read closely, they're indicating that a form of promotion/relegation will be in this league. Also, a new Seattle team? What about the Sounders women?

Robles joins Red Bulls - US Soccer Players
Well, I guess we won't be using the top spot on Robles, either to acquire or trade him. I really hope the Revs don't lose the spot and waste it.

Crew to honor Urso before weekend matchup vs. TFC |
I hope a lot of people show up for this.

Sporting K.C. Ends Seattle’s Hold on U.S. Open Cup - New England Soccer Today
Paulo Nagamura converted a controversial penalty before Eddie Johnson's subsequent miss gave Sporting K.C. the 2012 U.S. Open Cup Championship. Here's Brian O'Connell's report.

USOC: Besler, Sinovic thrilled to bring hometown a trophy |
Some quotes in here from Matt Besler and our favorite former-Rev who was released for no good reason, Seth Sinovic. Congrats to SKC for their triumph in what was in turns a boring and really exciting match.

USOC: We played against crowd and ref, laments Schmid |
Oh quit whining, Sigi.

Sporting KC Talks Organization First In Hoisting The US Open Cup Trophy " The Shin Guardian
Jay Bell reports on the US Open Cup Final for TSG. He got quotes from EVERYBODY. As much as the game was hard to watch for stretches (as many cup finals are), I would have LOVED to be at LSP. The atmosphere must have been goddamn electric.

Speas on Urso: "It’s not normal ... our leader is gone" |
This is touching, if a little painful as well.