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Musket Rounds: USA vs. Canada, Robles, Imbongo, Usain Bolt to Man United, And More


The week goes on, and what a week it is! The New England Revolution are still shedding dead weight ahead of the September 15th roster freeze, and there's been a development in the allocation order department as Luis Robles has agreed to sign with MLS and enter the process. Apart from that, there's the massive controversy over the thrilling USA vs. Canada women's soccer match in the Olympics, of course. And, you know, Geoff Cameron getting a work permit, Usain Bolt wanting to play for Manchester United, just the usual stuff.

On to the Rounds!

Revolution Links

Striker glut let Revolution cut ties with mercurial Moreno |
Kyle McCarthy spoke with Jay Heaps and Mike Burns about the reasoning behind cutting ties with Moreno. I think it was the right move, obviously. However, the idea of calling it a "striker glut" is a little comical, considering only one of those strikers has shown any capability of scoring consistently. And that only when presented with clear opportunities on his left foot. Also important, though, is that a) Jay mentioned he wants "everyone to want to be here" and b) they talked about strengthening the defense. Apparently Moreno didn't want to be here (shocker).

Imbongo makes physical presence felt in first start | New England Revolution
Look, I cannot deny that Imbongo's hold-up play looked good. Scratch that; it was the best I've seen from a Revolution player this year, and that includes Jerry's two cameos. He's better than Blake as a target man, has a better touch, and draws more fouls. This cannot be denied. But this article does a lot to sugarcoat the fact that his finishing was ABYSMAL. I mean HORRENDOUS. You GOTTA get BOTH those chances on target. At least force a save. I hope he can show us something more next time he gets a chance.

Other Soccer Links

Bolt angles for Manchester United trial - Soccer By Ives
I think more is being read into this than is actually there. Usain Bolt is obviously a huge soccer fan, and growing up in Jamaica, it's likely he's been playing the game since he was old enough to walk. I'm sure if someone asked me "would you expect a trial invite from SAF?" I wouldn't be like "nah, I'm good." That said, the end of Avi's post catches me a bit: should MLS offer him a trial a la Ochocinco? Bolt is taller, faster, and younger, and I have to believe he has better game than Ocho (who, it must be said, had pretty decent game for a career NFL player). Publicity stunt? Maybe. But if Sainey Nyassi can hang around on an MLS roster, why can't the world's fastest man?

Have you seen the brutal stomp from Canada’s Melissa Tancredi on Carli Lloyd’s head? | ProSoccerTalk
I missed this. Now that I've seen it, all I can say to any Canadian fans still complaining about the six-second call...QUIT YOUR B!@%$ING. Tancredi should have been OFF, and that wasn't the first time she committed a foul that could have seen her taking an early shower.

Herdman: props to Wambach for finding 'loophole' - Soccer America
Working the officials ain't a loophole, John. You were doing it to, long before the match even started.

Robles signs with MLS, will go through allocation process - Soccer By Ives
Defense is the number-one need for the Revolution right now, but don't sleep on Luis Robles. There's every chance that the Revs could take him with the top allocation spot because, let's face it, we may not have anyone else coming through this year. And although Bobby's been good, Robles has pedigree that Shuttleworth may never have. This could be the future, and frankly, with Robles being 28, the future might be now. Reis isn't getting any younger.

Cameron Wins Work Permit Appeal - Yanks Abroad
So Geoff Cameron can now join Stoke City. Good for him, glad this worked out.

The current USA vs. Canada argle-bargle, summarized in one post | The Footy Blog | Blogs |