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Musket Rounds: Donovan To Europe, SKC Visiting, MLS Captains, And More

Will Aurelien Collin and company keep Saer Sene "under arrest" on Saturday? Oh yes. I went there. (Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images)
Will Aurelien Collin and company keep Saer Sene "under arrest" on Saturday? Oh yes. I went there. (Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images)
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Thank Gooodness It's Friday, am I right? And what a week it has been for the New England Revolution. Captain traded away midweek, star striker gets arrested and tries to use the old "I'm a famous athlete" defense before finding out that being an MLS athlete in New England makes you about as famous as the Brazilian national curling team, and there's still a massively important game ahead on the weekend.

Yes, that's right, AC Milan is playing a friendly against Olimpia at Gillette on Saturday! Just kidding. That's happening, but the match of importance is the second game in tomorrow's doubleheader; the one where the Revs welcome Sporting Kansas City to Gillette Stadium for the first time this year and try to get a win to split the series at 1-1-1 for 2012. Today, we've got all the news to get you ready for that big matchup. On to the Rounds!

Revolution Links

Gillette Stadium revamps concessions | New England Revolution
Linking this as more of a PSA than anything else. But smoked beef brisket? I'm game.

As they say goodbye to Joseph, Revs welcome Gavin | New England Revolution
Jeff Lemieux spoke to Jay Heaps about Blair Gavin. All the usual and expected things were said.

Revs to alter approach in rematch with Sporting KC | New England Revolution
Chris Tierney and Jay Heaps are both adamant that the Revs are going to show more attacking impetus this weekend than they did in their last match with SKC. I'm ok with it; being at home, you need to take control of a game.

Other Soccer Links

The Throw-In: Wearing the armband a rough gig in 2012 |
I hadn't stopped and thought about how much movement there's been among captains this year. Not every team has that one talismanic leader wearing the armband, but Jonah Freedman does point out that even the people who you expect to be there until their legs fall off and they're forced to retire (a la Shalrie) are fair game this year.

Dynamo bring Clark back to Houston - Soccer By Ives
Never been a fan. But, it has to be said, Houston just got a whole lot scarier.

Landon Donovan to Europe, part I can’t count that high anymore | ProSoccerTalk
Noah Davis chiming in on everybody's favorite topic: Landon Donovan moving to Europe. Apparently "league insiders" don't think he'll be back in MLS next season. Look, if he wants to leave, good for him. I hope he does well. At this point, I just don't care until the ink is dry on the contract.