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Juan Carlos Toja Signs with MLS: Allocation Update

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UPDATE: According to a 4:09 PM EST press release, the Revs exercised their rights as holders of the top allocation order spot and selected Juan Toja. As yet, no hint of a trade. Check this space for more coverage.

Today is decision day for the New England Revolution front office. Based on reports it appears the New England Revolution fully intend to select Juan Carlos Toja, but the question remains whether or not he will be playing for the Revs as the New England Front Office entertains offers from around Major League Soccer.

Could the Revs benefit from Toja joining the squad? Absolutely. Could the Revs benefit from trading Toja for money, draft picks or players? Absolutely. It appears either way the cookie crumbles New England stands to benefit.

There is certainly interest from fans around the league, check out this poll from the Portland blog where fans vote on what they are willing to give up for Toja. Could we possibly see a blockbuster trade today that sends players leaving New England?

4PM is said to be the deadline, yet I remember the Benny Feilhaber allocation saga playing out until 9PM.

Stay tuned for updates and follow @TheBentMusket on Twitter, #TojaWatch