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Musket Rounds: Bengtson Settles In, Beckett Bowl, CCL Results, Violent/Sensual Cologne Fans


Thursday's Musket Rounds has the normal look at the New England Revolution lack of news and we'll take a look at last nights' eastern conference games. CONCACAF Champions League results are in and some weird quotes from the Cologne skipper on the things he'd rather his supporters do instead of violence. Classic.


Jerry Bengtson settling in after Olympic joruney -

I guess it's worth taking into account the amount of traveling this guy has had to do and what effect it has had on his ability to contribute to the Revs. Bengtson could be the best international signing in years, it appears we won't know until next year. Hurry up and get acclimated dude.

Beckett Bowl raises funds for Children's Hospital - Red

So you can name every player by name from the other New England teams that show up but when we mention the Revs players it's no names, nothing, just several soccer players. Ahh, classic disrespect.

" well as several soccer players from the New England Revolution, Boston Bruins left wing Shawn Thornton and former New England Patriots running back Kevin Faulk."

What do know from Twitter is that at least that Lee Nguyen, Clyde Simms and Chris Tierney were in the house, and good on all the players who supported the cause.


Eastern Conference action last night: Columbus Crew over Toronto FC 2-1 and DC United tops Chicago 4-2. Check out the highlights in the links.

CONCACAF Champions League results: Dom Kinnear and the Houston Dynamo journeyed to El Salvador to trounce CD FAS in CCL play 3-1. Brian Ching opened scoring in the 12' minute.

Following their relegation last year Cologne fans turned violent. If Cologne skipper Holger Stanslawski had his way supporters would have sex rather than be violent in the stands. Check out this gem from the always great Dirty Tackle blog.