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Musket Rounds: Let Us All Lament The Shalrie Trade, New MLS Salaries, Guy for Guam, And More

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We're a day removed here and I don't feel like it's gotten any better. For as long as I've been a New England Revolution fan - nay, a soccer fan - Shalrie Joseph was the anchor in the Revs' midfield. For as long as I've been covering the sport, he's been one of my favorite interviews in the locker room, and an all-around great guy. And now he's a Goat, which just sounds ridiculous when you put it that way.

Alas, life must go on, and so will we with the Musket Rounds today. I know, I know, we've been really slack about it lately; I admit, I spent the last week and a half getting catatonic drunk* and eating greasy diner breakfast food while a friend of mine was visiting Montreal, so certain responsibilities took a back seat. But no more! I'm here, and I'm ready to get back in the saddle, so let's get on with the Rounds!

* - I do not endorse binge drinking. Be safe.

Revolution links

Shalrie Joseph traded? Say it ain’t so! | ProSoccerTalk
Steve Davis with an immediate reaction to Shalrie's trade. I like that he remembers Shalrie's first goal, and that he felt - as I do - that the dominance of the modern defensive midfielder in MLS is a construct built by the career of Shalrie Joseph.

MLS's Ryan Guy will play for Team Guam -
So color me surprised, but Guam has a national team, and Ryan Guy is playing for them. Honestly, I'm really happy for him, and it's nice to see that he'll get a taste of international soccer. Some of the quotes in this article are a little gushing, though, and take some liberties with embellishment of the truth.

The New England Revolution Have An Unfortunate Ticketing Issue | KCKRS
This is incredibly unfortunate. But hey, it's going to be Shalrie's return game, so maybe it's fate? No?

Revs trade Joseph to Chivas USA - Boston New England Revolution Blog - ESPN Boston
Here's a look at the trade with some quotes from Jay Heaps and Benny Feilhaber.

AC Milan release roster for Saturday’s friendly | New England Revolution
This is a pretty star-studded roster. Should be a good time if you all go.

Club legend Joseph leaves a legacy in New England | New England Revolution
Just some more quotes from teammates about Shalrie's departure. If I were a betting man, I'd say Darrius, Reis, and Alston are going to be hit hardest by this.

End of an Era - New England Soccer Today
I'm a little annoyed at myself for this, because I was going to point this stuff out, but Sean Donahue has released some stats that I've wanted to throw in the face of this season's Shalrie doubters for a while: the Revs are 1-4-1 when Shalrie doesn't start this season. And they're 0-3-1 when he makes no appearance at all. This team still has not proven that it can win without him.

MLS salaries for league newcomers are out - Soccer By Ives
Here it is, the salary numbers! So Jerry Bengtson is only making low six-figures, eh? Curious, but as we all know, DP dollars involves more than just salary. There are bonuses, incentives, transfer fees...the thing we can pull from this is that maybe, just maybe, Bengtson won't ALWAYS be a DP. Unless he scores a metric crap-ton of goals, in which case we can justifiably pay the man.

Other Soccer Links

Heads up on this one: Clint Dempsey not on Fulham travel squad | ProSoccerTalk
The U.S. international has been left behind as the rest of the Cottagers squad visits Switzerland as part of its preseason program. The word out of Craven Cottage is that his fitness isn't up to par, but Steve Davis feels the same way I do: BULL#$%@.

Whitecaps sign centerback O'Brien - Soccer By Ives
Martin Rennie is really continuing the British revolution over in Vancouver, eh? Helps us realize that Bocanegra may not be the ONLY option for the Revs in defense. Then again, I don't think Andy O'Brien is a DP-caliber defender...

DTotD: Monterrey’s Angel Reyna celebrates goal with acrobatic WWE move on teammate | Dirty Tackle - Yahoo! Sports
That's a flipping Hurricanrana! You can't tell me you haven't created characters in wrestling games who do those all the time!

Scramble Menace - No Short Corners
Greg Seltzer brings us highlights of one of Bryan Gerzicich's two goals in UEFA Champions' League qualifying last night.