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Jerry Watch: Honduras 2, Boca Juniors 0

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While most of us were watching the US beat Mexico last night, Jerry Bengtson was busy continuing to play far better for his national team than he's ever indicated he will for the New England Revolution. Honduras beat Boca Juniors 2-0 in a friendly in Miami on Wednesday night. Bengtson scored the opener in the 23rd minute with a diving header.

Sources appear to conflict concerning the second goal. has Marvin Chavez as the goalscorer, but the Miami Herald indicates that it was a Bengtson brace. The highlights, which you can view by scrolling down, are of such low quality that it's difficult to be sure anyway. Perhaps we should trust Ryan Krasnoo at dot-com, because the Herald's photo slideshow seems to think the second goal was Chavez's, too.

The good news here, of course is that Jerry didn't get hurt. By all accounts, the match was dominated by Boca, who brought a B team with them since this falls smack in the middle of their league season (why a team not strong-armed by SUM and MLS would agree to do this I'll never understand). The Herald's writer, David Neal, also paints a less-than-impressive picture of the attendance.

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So now, just to be clear, Jerry Bengtson has made three appearances for the Revs (one start), and scored one goal since signing. Since that same date, he's made five national team appearances and scored four goals. I'm a country above club guy myself, but hopefully he can get a chance to just settle in with the Revs now.