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The Shalrie Trade in Tweets

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And thus ended the Foxboro career of New England Revolution stalwart Shalrie Joseph, not with a bang but with a whimper.

Regardless of if you felt Shalrie was worth his new DP contract (I didn't), he is one of the greatest Revolution players ever and one of the top defensive midfielders to ever play in MLS. Even if you thought he should be traded, most would not have anticipated it would have been for Blair Gavin (here's hoping he's better than his Wikipedia page would indicate), a second round SuperDraft pick and allocation money.

Words from a single person cannot quite explain the full reaction to the trade of Shalrie to Chivas USA. I learned of this story via Twitter, so what better way to retell the emotions of the story than to ride along with a sad day, that perhaps one day we will look back upon with reverence, in the world of the New England Revolution.