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Musket Rounds: MLS Road Trips, Boxing Matches, Lee Nguyen's luck, Kaka and more


Been a bit since we had a Musket Round, but with the All-Star game over - despite Lee Nguyen's and Clyde Simms' snubs - there is news in Revolution land.

Revolution Links

Revs aim to mesh defensive grit, attacking creativity | Revolution Soccer

This seems like an easy enough plan, hopefully we can see some progress in it. Otherwise the Revs could be in trouble as a loss to Philadelphia would allow the Union to jump New England in the table.

No stars shining for Revolution | The Sun Chronicle

Peter Gobis of The Sun Chronicle gives his take on the Revolutions' first half of the season. Oddly, I was a bit shocked as it came off very negative. The question I have following reading this is: are Revolution supporters (and the Bent Musket staff) too positive about the season so far, or is Gobis overly negative?

El goleador catracho sueña con más |

Is Jerry Bengtson the new "David Suazo"? Brush off your Spanish to English dictionary, or just plug the link in Google Translate to see the hype following Jerry after his performance against Morocco.

Game 8: New England Revolution vs. New York Red Bulls - Paul Revere Has Nothing on the Revs' Midnight Riders | MLS Road Trip

This was from awhile back. Evan Ream and his band of merry men are doing a 50 day journey through 12 MLS stadiums. This is his recanting of his visit to New England for the Revs-Red Bull match. It's actually pretty glowing.

Gillette Stadium to host first-ever boxing match | Wiked Local

Not really sure if this is a "Revolution Link" per say, but huge Revolution fan "Irish" Danny O'Connor, 17-1 overall, will headline Gillette stadium's first ever boxing match following the New England Revolution-Montreal Impact game on August 12th. I don't know what kind of draw it will be, but it could make for an interesting crowd during that game.

Lee Nguyen's goal was either brilliant or lucky, depending on who you ask | Pro Soccer Talk

Noah Davis looks at Lee Nguyen's goal against the Impact and asks: is Lee Nguyen good, lucky or a bit of both?

Other Soccer Links

Fasting Moroccans have trouble supplying sample | San Fransico Chronicle

Apparently, following Morocco's 2-2 draw with Honduras, where new Revolution DP Jerry Bengtson had a brace, they were required to provide urine samples for PED testing. Not a big deal. Right? Oh, except they are fasting for Ramadan and just played 90 minutes of soccer in the middle of the day. Yikes!

Soccer in the Sandlot | Soccer Newsday

Ken Sweda at Soccer Newsday looks at the old baseball film The Sandlot and wonders if it can teach us anything about soccer.

Handicapping the Supporter's Shield Race | WV Hooligan

The Revs may not be mentioned, nor should they be, but for those who love gambling on inane things, here's Drew Epperley setting odds for the Supporter's Shield. Whether the Supporter's Shield is even worth anything with the new unbalanced schedule is a whole other argument.

Kaka-Red Bull dream not dead, just delayed | New York Post

Because apparently Thierry Henry, Rafa Marquez and Tim Cahill aren't enough. Because New York and LA always get their own rules. Because there are not enough conspiracy theories in MLS, here we see the Kaka craze not going away for the Red Bulls.