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Revolution vs. Sporting: Player Ratings and Man of the Match


After every match this season, the staff here at The Bent Musket will be putting together player ratings. Ratings are on a 1-10 scale, with 5 representing a thoroughly average performance, and 6 a decent/capable showing. The final ratings will be averages of individual ratings from Steve Stoehr, Matty Jollie, and Abram Chamberlain. Brendan Schimmel and Corey Major had to sit this one out.

Matt Reis: Average Rating - 7 (Steve 7, Matty 6.5, Abram 7.5)

Steve: Kept this one level, incredible save on Peterson's header...Matty: Couple of brilliant stops, and more aggressive and decisive in the air...Abram: This is the best performance I remember from him this season. Vintage Reis.

Darrius Barnes: Average Rating - 5.5 (Steve 5.5, Matty 5.5, Abram 5.5)

Steve: Offered little going forward, but did an all-around solid defensive job...Matty: Not a bad night at all, good strength, smart decisions...Abram: Well-played game, seemed to do well. A great job playing LB in a pinch.

A.J. Soares: Average Rating - 5.8 (Steve 6, Matty 6, Abram 5.5)

Steve: Solid, workmanlike defensive effort, and pretty decent distribution...Matty: Another good performance. Steady hand at the back...Abram: Good job holding the line, but seemed to get beaten in the air.

Stephen McCarthy: Average Rating - 6 (Steve 6, Matty 6, Abram 6)

Steve: An essential part of the back line, and showed it...Matty: Fought well in the air, kept the back line steady...Abram: Nice job in the air against a tall team.

Kevin Alston: Average Rating - 5.2 (Steve 5, Matty 4.5, Abram 6)

Steve: He's an attacking black hole, ruins everything with every trip forward. Decent defensively though...Matty: On multiple occasions I find myself praying he doesn't shoot, but he does...Abram: I'll probably be alone in this, but good job holding his position and his speed was invaluable.

Chris Tierney: Average Rating - 5.5 (Steve 5.5, Matty 5.5, Abram 5.5)

Steve: Though he did very well, delivery, passing, and movement was good...Matty: Almost forgot Chris was a midfielder by trade. Good passing, nice service into the box as well. Sene should have buried the cross in the second half...Abram: Good effort all around. Should have had an assist as he set up Sene on his strong foot.

Lee Nguyen: Average Rating - 6.2 (Steve 6.5, Matty 6, Abram 6)

Steve: Per usual, looking dangerous, though more shackled than against Montreal...Matty: Dangerous once again, weaving runs causing trouble all night...Abram: How is he not an All-Star?

Shalrie Joseph: Average Rating - 5.8 (Steve 6, Matty 5.5, Abram 6)

Steve: 80% passing is nice. Rumors of Shalrie's demise have been greatly exaggerated...Matty: Strong play in the middle of the field, did well covering for Macca in the end...Abram: Nice job holding down the midfield. Better game than one might think.

Benny Feilhaber: Average Rating - 5.6 (Steve 5.5, Matty 6, Abram 5.5)

Steve: Released Guy with a great deep through ball, good passing, could have used a little more danger from him...Matty: Good game from Benny. Passing continues to be his best attribute...Abram: We bash Sene for not using his right, but Benny's refusal to use his left in the box on a counter attack was bad.

Kelyn Rowe: Average Rating - 5.2 (Steve 5, Matty 5.5, Abram 5.5)

Steve: Better than his Montreal performance, but still mostly anonymous. Liability on defense...Matty: Did well a few times to get behind the SKC defense, but still ball-watches far too much on defense for my liking...Abram: Quiet game from Rowe. Still awaiting another big game from him.

Ryan Guy: Average Rating - 5.8 (Steve 5.5, Matty 5.5, Abram 6.5)

Steve: Did an excellent job to hold his own even when put in a position that minimized his skill set...Matty: Good shift, but he's not a hold-up striker. Several times they would play a long ball that he'd get to, but he doesn't possess the strength to hold off big CB like Collin...Abram: How does a 5'8" guy hold up play this well? Strong game, especially with what my delusional mind believes should have been a goal if goal-line technology was a real, live thing.

Saer Sene (sub): Average Rating - 4.5 (Steve 4.5, Matty 4.5, Abram 4.5)

Steve: Seemed more driven than in previous matches, but still lacking that killer instinct he had before. He's on notice...Matty: Missed both point-blank chances he had, and the slump continues...Abram: Another arggggh game from Sene. Wasn't even a right-foot problem this time, it was a lack of quality passing thing.

Fernando Cardenas (sub): Average Rating - 5.5 (Steve 5, Matty 6, Abram 5.5)

Steve: Much better as a sub. Should have done better on his chance, though the dribbling was great...Matty: Super sub does well again. Brought good energy, showed off silky dribbling...Abram: At one point he dribbled through the SKC defenses and seemed so shocked that he couldn't get a shot on goal. Vastly improving.

Blake Brettschneider (sub): Average Rating - 4.2 (Steve 4, Matty 4.5, Abram 4)

Steve: Puzzling sub. Struggles to make contact with the ball, let alone get shots off or on frame...Matty: I'm pretty sure I didn't hear his name until the one missed chance in front of goal...Abram: I like the guy, I do, but with Dimitry Imbongo signing and when Jerry Bengtson returns from the Olympics, I wonder if he'll see time outside of the reserves.