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Supporters Cup Showdown: Inside The Rebellion's War Room

The Midnight Riders will face off against The Rebellion on July 21st, 6PM at Gillette Stadium for the right to raise the Supporters Cup. We caught up with Rebellion Propaganda Minister Matthew Dubois to get the scoop on the Rebellion's plan for glory.

Section 142 vs 143. Old guard vs the upstarts. David vs Goliath. Frame it however you'd like, but the two recognized supporters groups will be facing off against each other on the pitch at Gillette on July 21st for the right to raise the Supporters Cup. Regardless of the score I imagine neither team will truly win, as players will spend the rest of their week explaining to co-workers why they are hobbling around the office. The real winner will be the charities that each group chose to raise money for. All are welcome to come down to Foxboro and watch the match in exchange for a $10 donation. After the trophy presentation both groups will be hosting a viewing party and raffling items at British Beer Company down the street in Walpole to watch the Revs take on Sporting KC.

DISCLAIMER: I am a card carrying Rebel and member of their leadership council and plan on starting at striker with a Sene-like blond mohawk.

I reached out to our heroic council over at the Rebellion to see if they would be willing share some some information publicly about the on-going preparations in our operations center as we prepare for glory. Rebel HQ Minister of Propaganda Matthew Dubois was authorized to speak to the press.

TBM: What formation will the Rebellion attempt to employ?

Dubes: We have a shortage of quality left footed players, so i have been speaking with our technical staff and we feel that we would be best served by having two right backs two right midfielders and two right wingers. This way we can play to our strengths and after all two rights cannot make a wrong.

TBM: Any notable signings or transfers on the horizon?

Dubes: We just lost out on Modric as he choose to go to Madrid, however we have been actively scouting the unemployment lines and found this guy who can kick the heck out of a can.

TBM: What is the Midnight Rider's weakness?

Dubes: Their existence. They have been around for what 17 years now... in soccer years that is like wicked old. Our youthful exuberance will serve us in this match against our fort grandparents.

TBM: Has the Rebellion been working on any ridiculous goal celebrations?

Dubes: We are still getting quotes from various counter fitters. Ideally we would like to get about a million dollars to use towards "making it rain." We believe this will help to soften the blow of defeat for the riders.

TBM: What charities are you playing for and explain their cause?

Dubes: We will be playing to support a few great causes, first and foremost is the Fisher House which is a charity supporting our nation's wounded warriors by providing military families a "home away from home" in order to be close to a loved one during hospitalization for an illness and injury. Families of our recovering wounded have to pay out of pocket to visit and be close with their loved one during their recovery and rehabilitation and Fisher House provides a means to offset that cost by providing housing near medical facilities. With many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in the ranks of the Rebellion it's a cause close to home. We aim to support those who protect us and allow us to enjoy our soccer obsession in peace and safety.

Secondly, we are playing for Little Feet, who provide soccer balls to children in need the world over. It's pretty simple, you buy a Little Feet branded ball and for every ball you buy they donate one to an area in need! Just think that you are helping possibly give the next Messi his gateway into the beautiful game.

Lastly we are playing support of the Revs Charitable Foundation who are putting on this event for us. The purpose of the New England Revolution Charitable Foundation is to assist a variety of charitable organizations and programs by supporting their educational, family and health initiatives. In particular the Revolution will attempt to target our activities specifically towards youth programs and programs with close ties to the game of soccer.

Be sure to come out and support these causes an expect full coverage from Supporters Cup 2012 from the Bent Musket.