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Supporters Cup Showdown: The Midnight Riders Strategy for Victory

The Midnight Riders will face off against The Rebellion on July 21st, 6PM at Gillette Stadium for the right to raise the Supporters Cup. We caught up with Midnight Rider's President Fran Harrington to get his thoughts on the upcoming match.

Section 142 vs 143. Old guard vs the upstarts. David vs Goliath. Frame it however you'd like, but the two recognized supporters groups will be facing off against each other on the pitch at Gillette on July 21st for the right to raise the Supporters Cup. Regardless of the score I imagine neither team will truly win, as players will spend the rest of their week explaining to co-workers why they are hobbling around the office. The real winner will be the charities that each group chose to raise money for. All are welcome to come down to Foxboro and watch the match in exchange for a $10 donation. After the trophy presentation both groups will be hosting a viewing party and raffling items at British Beer Company down the street in Walpole to watch the Revs take on Sporting KC.

DISCLAIMER: I am a card carrying Rebel and member of their leadership council.

In an attempt at journalistic neutrality I thought to contact my counterpart Fran Harrington, President and Evil Overlord of the Midnight Riders to get his thoughts on the game and learn more about the charities they are playing for.

TBM: What formation will the Midnight Riders attempt to employ?

Fran: We're going to come out in the classic "Flying - V" formation, but I expect that it quickly morph into a 4-4-2, or some semblance thereof.

TBM: Any notable signings or transfers on the horizon?

Fran: The name Figo keeps being floated around.... that and someone named Garrett Suchs.

TBM: We understand you're playing to support Taylor Twellman's charity...has he been in contact to offer any advice?

Fran: Once he found out that we would be in blue and The Rebellion in Red, he said just to pretend we were playing the Fire in a playoff game and it would all fall into place.

TBM: If the Rebellion had a weakness, what would it be?

Fran: We are hoping their ankles.

TBM: Have the Midnight Riders worked on any ornate, over the top goal celebrations?

Fran: Yes, but due to a pending legal case I can't go into details. I can say that spectators in the first few rows would be well advised to bring ponchos.

TBM: What charities are you folks playing to support?

Fran: We are playing for Think, a foundation started by former Revs superstar Taylor Twellman. He is working to bring more awareness to head injuries in sports, such as the one that cut his career short. We are also playing for the Revs Charitable Foundation, because hey... we're playing a match on Gillette Stadium! It's our way of saying thanks for that.

More information and how to buy tickets:

Follow the Midnight Riders at @MidnightRiders on Twitter and expect full match coverage from The Bent Musket on Supporters Cup 2012!