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Musket Rounds: Allocation, NY2, Euro 2012 Interfering With MLS, Spain is Boring, And More

Flo is the focus of all the attention in Revsland this week. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE
Flo is the focus of all the attention in Revsland this week. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Musket Rounds! Sorry we're a little late today, and sorry for being intermittent this week, but real life (and Mass Effect 3) cuts in once in a while. Today we have a pretty decent assortment, with a look at the summer transfer window, the Euros, Flo Lechner, and a bunch of other stuff. Let's get to it.

Revolution Links

Updated 2012 Allocation Rankings: Revs have first dibs |
Hmm...I wonder if Heaps is going to use this? Carlos Bocanegra and Alejandro Bedoya are definitely targets now, given the stuff going down in Glasgow.

Lechner shines in unplanned appearance off the bench | New England Revolution
Jeff Lemieux discussed the surprise appearance of Florian Lechner in Saturday's match at Toronto.

Revs coach Heaps playing it safe to keep Joseph healthy |
Kyle McCarthy talked to Shalrie Joseph and Jay Heaps about how Jay's going to keep Shalrie healthy in the face of his recent injury.

Youth tactics abroad help Revs' Lechner exploit TFC defense |
Kyle McCarthy talked to Florian Lechner about his play on Saturday. I know it shouldn't be amazing or anything, but...Flo knows how to use space on the flanks. Haven't seen that from a Revs fullback in a while.

The Scouting Report: Seattle Sounders FC - New England Soccer Today
New England Soccer Today caught up with Steve Clare from Prost Amerika to get the lowdown on the Revolution's next opponent.

Other Soccer Links

McCarthy's Musings: Summer transfer window presents opportunities and risks for MLS sides -
I have a feeling Kyle wrote this just before the Revs recent roster moves were announced, but he does a good job of giving a league-wide rundown on the transfer window.

Major League Soccer Nearing New York Stadium in Flushing, Queens -
After a wide search, Major League Soccer officials have zeroed in on a run-down section of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens as their preferred site for the league's first New York stadium, according to multiple officials briefed on the matter. I still don't like the idea of forcing an NYC2 on the league, but if you can get a decent, privately-funded stadium in Queens...I mean, that's a big step.

The question of whether Spain play boring football is meaningless | The Footy Blog | Blogs |
Amen, brother.

Euro Coverage Hindering MLS Growth with Youth? -
Herb Scribner with an interesting little editorial about whether Euro fever is hindering MLS's ability to capture attention in the American soccer market.