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Revs Waive Lozano, Decline Options on White and Runstrom, Activate Nyassi


In a series of big roster moves for the New England Revolution, the front office announced that they will be waiving John Lozano, declining the options on Bjorn Runstrom and Jeremiah White and activating Sainey Nyassi.

"We want to thank John, Bjorn and Jeremiah for their service and efforts representing the Revolution," New England General Manager Michael Burns said. "With the International Transfer Window opening, we had to make some hard decisions about our roster as we look to bring in some new players.

The waiving of Lozano and declining of the July 1st options on Runstrom and White could potentially open up some cap space in time for the Summer Window, which opens today.

Lozano, who was on loan with the club, never truly became integrated into the Revolution's back line. When he was brought in, many assumed he would be the de facto starter with A.J. Soares. However, after starting the season opener against the San Jose Earthquakes he was injured, and only ended up making one more start for the first team. He did make several appearances on the game day roster and played six times with the reserves.

Runstrom made only three appearances for New England, where he accrued only 32 total minutes, mostly in late game substitute appearances. This declining of his option is a bit surprising considering how few forwards have been scoring for the Revs this season, but it is unsurprising considering how little he was used this season. White who made two appearances with the team as a substitute this season also did not have his option picked up.

Nyassi, who has been recovering from a right hamstring strain that he picked up in the preseason, has also been reactivated. Having been on the MLS Disabled List since March 7th, Nyassi will now have to compete for paying times in a relatively loaded midfield.

With these activations, waivings, and option declinings, speculation now begins as to what roster moves New England could have in mind for the Transfer Window. People have been hypothesizing that Carlos Bocanegra could be returning to MLS, and now that the Revolutions have recently moved to the top of the Allocation Order and waived Lozano a move for Bocanegra would make sense.

Rumors have also been circulating the there could be a move made for a striker-partner -- possibly a DP -- for Saer Sene. These actions could possibly free some cap-space for that move to happen. These moves leave the Rev with 25 current players on their roster, which is three short of their intended goal of 28 players.

Do you agree or disagree with these moves? How do you think the Revs should fill their last three roster spots? Is Bocanegra coming to New England inevitable? Is there a DP on the horizon? Comment below...