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Musket Rounds: Super Big Double-Fun Two Day Edition

KANSAS CITY, KS - JUNE 16:  Head coach Paul Mariner of Toronto FC coaches on the sidelines during the MLS game against Sporting KC on June 16, 2012 at Livestrong Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kansas.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
KANSAS CITY, KS - JUNE 16: Head coach Paul Mariner of Toronto FC coaches on the sidelines during the MLS game against Sporting KC on June 16, 2012 at Livestrong Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kansas. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
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Good morning everyone! Yesterday I attended training and did not wake up early enough to put together the Rounds first so, instead, I'll be putting all of those links into today's! Thus, we have a BIG set of links ready for you. There's some word on Paul Mariner at TFC, Clyde Simms' health, Bob Bradley in Egypt, soccer stats, and a heck of a lot more that I don't even remember.

Revolution Links

A Few Minutes With … | New England Revolution
Julia Lytle sat down with one of the more interesting members of the Revolution roster, one Zak Boggs.

Numerology: MLS stats gurus leading revolution (Pt. 1) |
Devin Pleuler continues the Numerology series running on This one's cool, he talks to stats analysts working for teams. INCLUDING TIMOTHY CRAWFORD OF THE REVS. You have no idea how incredible it is that he's, you know, confirmed to exist. The Revs FO guards him like Fort Knox. A couple of my Red Level Crew press box buddies have inquired about talking to him and been stonewalled, from what I've heard.

Injury Report - June 19 | New England Revolution

AT&T All-Star team voting: Who's in the lead? |
There's not a single Revolution player in the top 5 in any of the voting. GET ON IT PEOPLE.

Heaps urges Revolution to improve in completing passes |
Kyle McCarthy talked to Jay Heaps about the Revs' passing in the Columbus match last weekend. A cursory look at the stat sheet would have told you exactly what Heaps is getting at; the Revs were poor in their passing on Saturday.

Ankle knock could sideline Revs' Moreno this weekend |
Surprised? I thought not.

Numerology: MLS stats gurus take on the salary cap |
More Numerology, more Timothy Crawford.

Playing Soccer with the New England Revolution - ridaily - June 2012 - Rhode Island
There's video footage of the media game in here. And yes, I'm pretty sure the guy attempting the bike is me. And by pretty sure I was me.

Simms hopeful of return this weekend in Toronto | New England Revolution
Jeff Lemieux talked to Clyde Simms about a possible return to action this weekend. It would be timely, especially since Shalrie is nursing an adductor issue.

Other Soccer Links

Numerology: How advanced stats are changing our game |
By now I'm sure everyone has read this, but Ben Jata takes a pretty nuts-and-bolts look at stats in soccer without drawing any real meaningful conclusions. That's the great part, though - most articles on stats in soccer are either "STATS ARE GOD!" or "FOOTBALL IS PURE, STATS DON'T WORK YOU VILE AMERICANS!" and then everyone shouts the name Billy Beane and Moneyball a few times before petering out and getting nothing accomplished. At least here, Jata sticks with facts and relevant possibilities. Also, he mentions the Revs.

Breakers Docked 3 Pts. For Ineligible Player - New England Soccer Today
WPSL ruled on Monday that the Breakers' 3-2 win against the Flash has been forfeited and the accompanying three points deducted. Brian O'Connell has the bizarre report.

Walter Smith consortium withdraws bid for Rangers - ESPN Soccernet
Walter Smith has announced that the consortium he heads have withdrawn their £5.5 million bid for Rangers football club, following the rejection of their offer last Thursday. You read that right. £5.5 million is a serious offer for one of the most decorated and famous football clubs in the world.

When To Part Ways With An MLS Coach - US Soccer Players
In the wake of Peter Nowak and Aron Winter losing their jobs, J Hutcherson takes a look at whether or not changing coaches really makes much of a difference in MLS. The alternative is letting a coach see out his contract, like the Revs did with Stevie Nicol.

Life After The Group Of Death " Nutmeg Radio
This is just really freaking cool.

From the "You'd be surprised" file... - No Short Corners
This is kinda cool. If you follow the links and use Google translate, there are some interesting names this Swedish MLS fan has thought of.

On Bradley, Egypt, & Adversity - US Soccer Daily
This is a pretty good update on how things are going for Bob Bradley in Egypt. Coach Sweatpants has performed like a dream in spite of unbelievable adversity, but continues to face huge challenges.

Top 5 outbound MLS summer transfers - No Short Corners
Will Parchman takes a stab at the five players in MLS who seem most ready for a jump abroad.

Toting The Old Ball ‘N’ Chain: Player Development In America " The Shin Guardian
TSG gets a guest piece written by John Parker of AO Atlanta and the adidas International Training Program. It's about player development in America and the college system, and it's good.

Mariner's Team - US Soccer Players
Jason Davis pens a piece about former Revs assistant Paul Mariner and how he has spent years now as a "head coach in waiting."