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Transfer Window Talk: Who Might Be Leaving This Summer?

FOXBORO, MA - JUNE 16:  Jose Moreno #9 of the New England Revolution battles Josh Williams #3 of the Columbus Crew in the second half during a game at Gillette Stadium on June 16, 2012 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
FOXBORO, MA - JUNE 16: Jose Moreno #9 of the New England Revolution battles Josh Williams #3 of the Columbus Crew in the second half during a game at Gillette Stadium on June 16, 2012 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
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So, the transfer window opens next week. And the Revs currently maintain a 28-man roster. What we already know is that the Revolution are currently trialing guys, specifically forwards. Now, it's no real shock that Jay Heaps is looking for another forward to play up top with Saer Sene--someone who, as Abram put it earlier this week, can provide the Revs with that secondary scoring threat, which at this point they desperately lack. But if someone new is brought in this summer, does that spell the end for someone else? If so, here's a few players I think it might be...

Zak Boggs - Boggs was the Revolution's second round pick in the 2010 SuperDraft and during his time in New England has mostly played a bit-part role. Steve Nicol used to play Boggs mostly out on the right wing, but he has also been known to play up top in situations and occasionally has filled in at right back. Zak Boggs, in my opinion, has always had a fine work rate, but not much vision or common sense when it came to facilitating attacks. His advances up the pitch often ended in either a giveaway or a poor cross.

What's interesting about Boggs is that he has an affinity for science. In his spare time he continues his professional development off the pitch as, well, a scientist. Boggs, who was a biomedical sciences major in college and won the 2011 MLS Humanitarian Of The Year Award, is basically volunteering his free time to curing cancer. That's one hell of a guy.

But, as a soccer player, one has to wonder how he fits into Jay Heaps' ultimate plan. We've seen Heaps take players he's inherited (such as Stephen McCarthy) and improve their game, while making them fit into his system. But can the same be done for Boggs? The Revolution have plenty of options at the wide midfield position, with the pecking order something like Feilhaber/Cardenas/Guy/Rowe (and then Nyassi/Purdie/White in the mix as well) for the RM position. So, just where does that leave Boggs? Perhaps in a laboratory somewhere full-time?

Bjorn Runstrom - To me, this guy seemed to be held in fairly high regard for Heaps and company, considering they made him three offers before getting his signature (when they said that their second offer was their final). Yet, he has only seen about 30 minutes or so of MLS action. He has been on and off with injuries, but I still can't help but wonder why we haven't seen more of him even still. Has he not impressed in training? Has he done something to irk Heaps and his staff, maybe with his attitude or something like that? I mean, what's going on?

If you ask me, regardless of what may be going on with him, Runstrom likely signed a semi-guaranteed contract (purely just a guess) and as such may be packing his bags within the next month, especially considering the trialists we know of that have been in Foxboro this past week. Personally, I was hoping we'd see more of Runstrom this season, but now I'm starting to think that we've seen it all.

Jose Moreno - The Pepe Moreno saga this past winter was pretty much a nightmare for all involved, except for maybe Moreno himself. He has a tall mountain to climb to get himself into the good graces of the fans and quite possibly just as big of a mountain to make good with Heaps and his staff. He came in with not only an injury history, but an actual injury as well, but has yet to play a 90-minute game for the Revs. Now, I'm not going to say that Moreno has been a big flop. But can we do better? Hell yeah we can. Also, not for nothing, but based on the MLS Player Salaries released earlier this year, he is set to make $149,000 guaranteed (that's the 5th highest on the current roster). So, I ask you, do we cut our losses and send him back to Colombia? Or will he find his Heaps-ian way?

Those would be my top 3 expected players to be leaving New England this summer, but that's assuming that the Revs do indeed bring in new players in the window, and that they will stick to a 28-man roster. Are there others who could be on their way out? Sure there are. Maybe Sainy Nyassi, despite being talked up in pre-season and scoring in a reserve match this past weekend, will be following his fellow Gambian Kenny Mansally out of Foxboro. Or maybe the Revs will be looking to do some wheeling and dealing within MLS. Who knows! I don't think the summer will bring very many changes for the Revolution, but I do think that there will be at least one if not multiple additions, and I do think that will mean that at least someone will be leaving the team.

But, hey, that's all just wild speculation. Who the heck knows what'll happen. What do you think? (Let us know in the comments section!)