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Revolution vs. Crew: Player Ratings

FOXBORO, MA - JUNE 16:  Jose Moreno #9 of the New England Revolution battles Josh Williams #3 of the Columbus Crew in the second half during a game at Gillette Stadium on June 16, 2012 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
FOXBORO, MA - JUNE 16: Jose Moreno #9 of the New England Revolution battles Josh Williams #3 of the Columbus Crew in the second half during a game at Gillette Stadium on June 16, 2012 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
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After every match this season, the staff here at The Bent Musket will be putting together player ratings. Ratings are on a 1-10 scale, with 5 representing a thoroughly average performance, and 6 a decent/capable showing. The final ratings will be averages of individual ratings from Steve Stoehr, Corey Major, Matty Jollie, and Abram Chamberlain. Brendan Schimmel is sitting this week out due to his home-game Rebellion obligations.

Matt Reis: Average Rating - 5.75 (Steve 6, Corey 6, Matty 5, Abram 6)

Steve: Had little to do, but did it well...Corey: Didn't have many challenges, and the back-line did a good job to help him out...Matty: Not challenged, pretty average night...Abram: Outside of a spectacular save early on didn't have a lot to do.

Chris Tierney: Average Rating - 5.25 (Steve 5, Corey 5.5, Matty 5.5, Abram 5)

Steve: Service just not what it was before, got burned early but recovered well enough...Corey: Had some good moments, also had some sloppy moments. The service just isn't as reliable as it once was. What's going on?...Matty: He's the perfect "take the good with the bad" candidate. They're shying away from him on set pieces now too...Abram: Typically average Tierney performance.

A.J. Soares: Average Rating - 6.5 (Steve 7, Corey 6.5, Matty 6, Abram 6.5)

Steve: Typically solid, no mistakes, great defensive performance helped out by woeful Columbus finishing...Corey: Solid as ever...Matty: Good, strong game dealing with a big striker like Renteria...Abram: Just as responsible, if not more so, for the clean sheet.

Stephen McCarthy: Average Rating - 6.625 (Steve 7, Corey 7, Matty 6, Abram 6.5)

Steve: Tall, strong, no mistakes. Best game yet as a central defender...Corey: Very good game. Looking a lot more disciplined at his new position...Matty: Looks comfortable, positioning is getting better also...Abram: Much improved performance coming into his own as a CB.

Kevin Alston: Average Rating - 5.625 (Steve 4.5, Corey 6.5, Matty 6.5, Abram 5)

Steve: Positioning was all over the place. At one point was drifting up on the left wing. Speed bails him out but he needs to become more focused and disciplined or this team will get burned...Corey: Nice night for Kevin. I think he played a pretty complete game. Want to see him be more effective on the attack though...Matty: Kevin may be all over the place at times, but he contributed all over the field on the night. Defensive responsibilities weren't ignored...Abram: Very involved in the attack, bailed out by his CBs on the defensive side on more than one occasion.

Lee Nguyen: Average Rating - 5.75 (Steve 5, Corey 7, Matty 5.5, Abram 5.5)

Steve: No mistakes, but got more and more absent as the game went on. Crew had his number...Corey: Good night. Helped out on defense at times. Sparked some good moments, but would like him to get into more dangerous positions...Matty: Decent night from Lee, tough to break that formation...Abram: Good job both offensively and defensively, needs to become tougher on the ball.

Shalrie Joseph: Average Rating - 6.375 (Steve 6, Corey 6.5, Matty 6, Abram 7)

Steve: Quiet but assured, clogged lanes, but needed to get on the ball and reset tempo in the 2nd half to avoid the long balls...Corey: Had a good night again at CDM. Passing and awareness were all there...Matty: Name didn't really come up much, which as a CDM, is a good thing. I always say this team is better with him at CDM...Abram: Thought he was great as a CDM. Will be interesting when Simms comes back.

Benny Feilhaber: Average Rating - 6.25 (Steve 6, Corey 6.5, Matty 6, Abram 6.5)

Steve: Dangerous and energetic, especially early. Should have scored inside the first minute...Corey: Catalyst for a lot of attacking plays. Wish we could keep him at CAM...Matty: Good night from Benny, really looks more interested when he's at CAM...Abram: If he had hit his goal in the 1st minute, his performance would be closer to a 7.5. Perhaps unfair on my part, but true.

Fernando Cardenas: Average Rating - 5.625 (Steve 5.5, Corey 6, Matty 5.5, Abram 5.5)

Steve: Should have scored. Dynamic player, but his decisions can be frustrating at times...Corey: Said it before and will say it again, need better decision making out of the little guy. He played well on the whole though...Matty: 17 year old on prom night, all revved up but not sure where to go. Blazing speed but seems confused and caught between two minds too often...Abram: A couple good shots on target, decent defensively.

Jose Moreno: Average Rating - 5.125 (Steve 5, Corey 5, Matty 5, Abram 5.5)

Steve: Good ideas, contributed well to several buildups, liked the fight for the yellow, but HAS to score that breakaway...Corey: Average on the whole. Nothing about him strikes me as very special at all...Matty: Wish he hadn't left the match, he's more dangerous than BB. Touch needed to be better on the breakaway, he should have scored...Abram: If not for his ego-driven yellow, he would have been higher. I've learned he is not going to be a goal scorer, but he has some brilliant ideas.

Saer Sene: Average Rating - 5.125 (Steve 5, Corey 6, Matty 5, Abram 4.5)

Steve: Uncharacteristically quiet. Long shot was excellent, but other than that, contributions were minimal...Corey: Looked dangerous, probably should have had at least a goal but oh well. Seemed a little bit out of sync at times...Matty: Should have scored, first touch was off all night...Abram: Was dangerous early, gassed towards the end, should have converted a wide open cross from Cardenas that he didn't get a foot on.

Blake Brettschneider (sub): Average Rating - 5.125 (Steve 5, Corey 5.5, Matty 5, Abram 5)

Steve: No mistakes, no contributions. Worked hard, but had little impact...Corey: Just slightly above average. Liked the effort, but ultimately he just failed to make an impact, which is fairly standard for him...Matty: Workman's effort. Good hold up play and aerial battle...Abram: Good effort, that's about it, but that's all we can ask for.

Kelyn Rowe (sub): Average Rating - 5.75 (Steve 5.5, Corey 5.5, Matty 5.5, Abram 6.5)

Steve: Came on at a difficult time but was one of the only attacking players who looked capable of breaking the Crew down...Corey: Got involved but unfortunately couldn't conjure the same magic as he did 2 weeks ago...Matty: Livelier of the two subs but the bogged down play on the offensive third didn't suit him...Abram: Thought he was spectacular as a sub, if only he converted his early chance. No fear going at defenders.