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Musket Rounds: UEFA's Idiotic Punishments, Euro 2012, Benny, TFC Arrests, Mahmoud Sarsak, And More

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Hello and welcome to this Tuesday edition of Musket Rounds. Today's crop of links is pretty varied, covering topics such as the New England Revolution, the ending of a Palestinian soccer player's hunger strike, UEFA's ridiculous money-grubbing disciplinary policies, and one of the most comical clubs in MLS. I won't keep you - enjoy the Rounds.

Revolution Links

Being a Better Benny | New England Revolution
Tim Miller spoke with Benny Feilhaber ahead of this past weekend's match with Columbus about being a better leader. This interview was published in the "Match Day" program.

Missed chances haunt Revs - Boston New England Revolution Blog - ESPN Boston
Brian O'Connell and ESPN Boston with some more on the lamentable missed chances in this weekend's draw against Columbus.

Crew beat the Revs in the midfield battle - New England Soccer Today
The Columbus Crew came into Gillette Stadium Saturday night with a plan and it worked. Kevin Koczwara of The Soccer Guys and other publications contributes to NEST.

Numerology: How advanced stats are changing our game |
By now I'm sure everyone has read this, but Ben Jata takes a pretty nuts-and-bolts look at stats in soccer without drawing any real meaningful conclusions. That's the great part, though - most articles on stats in soccer are either "STATS ARE GOD!" or "FOOTBALL IS PURE, STATS DON'T WORK YOU VILE AMERICANS!" and then everyone shouts the name Billy Beane and Moneyball a few times before petering out and getting nothing accomplished. At least here, Jata sticks with facts and relevant possibilities. Also, he mentions the Revs.

Other Soccer Links

Three Toronto FC players arrested in Houston, reports the Toronto Sun | The Footy Blog | Blogs |
Giggle. Poor Mariner. First he gets thrown into the lion's den at Plymouth, then he inherits this sinking ship.

Nicklas Bendtner’s Underwear Is Worse Than Racism | KCKRS

MLS’s Outbound Transfer Troubles by Abram Chamberlain -
Our boy Abram Chamberlain takes a look at a side of MLS transfers we don't usually focus so much on - the outgoing move. It's a lot more complicated than it is elsewhere.

International pressure persuades Israel to release Palestinian player - The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer
James Dorsey has been covering the escalating hunger strike situation of imprisoned Palestinian soccer player Mahmoud Sarsak for weeks (probably months). It looks like the international pressure generated by the involvement of the soccer community has convinced the Israeli government to release him. Regardless of where you stand on the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, I think we can all hope that Sarsak is ok.