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Musket Rounds: Reis's 100th, Colombians, Hydra, and Dempsey

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Some mornings after a Revs game I just don't want to move, but not this morning. This morning I woke up with a renewed sense of purpose. I guess there's nothing like a win to reinvigorate a person. For those like me, who need something to do to pass the nine-to-five hours quicker, here you go.

Revolution Links

Revolution's Reis finally joins century club with 2-1 win

Over at MLS's website, Kyle McCarthy gives us the rundown of how Matt Reis's 100th win went. It is a very exclusive club he now joins as one of only six MLS goalies to have 100 career saves.

Reis is right on mark.

100 career wins is a big deal. How big is it? It's so big that covered it! While really nothing more than a fluff piece, which is undoubtedly hidden somewhere on their website's sports page - you know somewhere in the Liverpool section, it's nice to see Reis get some love from the biggest paper in Boston (even if it is a web-only story).

The Colombians Said What?

Our buddy Bob Madaio over at Soccer Soap Box, uncovered - or rather found on's Spanish site - an interview with Fernando Cardenas and Jose Moreno. It being in Spanish, Bob took the time to give a basic English rundown of what was said. Long story, short...neither was happy following the loss to New York. Good to see both performing well against Colorado.

Revs turn to toughness to break slump.

Danny PIcard at Comcast Sports Network New England gives another recap of the Revs win against Colorado. Is it more of the same? A little. But I love reading recaps that don't end with "gave up a late goal."

Other Links

Ready or not , Worcester Hydra will strut stuff.

Wait. There's a team in New England Massachusetts other than the New England Revolution and Boston Victory SC? Yes there is. Worcester Hydra begins their innagural season this Saturday.

2012 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Schedule Announced for Opening Rounds

I'm in love with the U.S. Open Cup. It's a competition that the Revolution, hopefully, can compete in this season. The opening rounds have been announced. The first rounds are all amateur teams, the second round gets all NASL and USL PRO teams involved, and the big boys from MLS join in the third round. Amongst teams to root against: the Georgia Revolution (name jackers).

Liverpool Executive Chairman Werner expects active transfer windwo that might include Clint Dempsey

And going from the lowest level of American soccer to the top echelons of world football, we see former New England Revolution man Clint Dempsey linked with yet another club. The difference this time, the man doing the linking is actually related to the club being linked.