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The Match in Tweets: New England Revolution 2-2 Houston Dynamo


New England was due a draw. Still, there is nothing more dissapointing than a last minute draw. A game where the New England Revolution seemed to have it won only to let it slip away.

A rough and tumble game between the Revolution and the Houston Dynamo that contained many up and downs. And what way to better follow the overzealous joy and unadulterated pain of supporters than through Twitter?

If you are tweeting out Revolution tweets that you want to show off to your family and friends - or a bunch of strangers who check Revs stuff at the Bent Musket, then make sure you hashtag your Revolution game-day, post-game, and day-after-game tweets with #Revs, or follow @MindOfAbram on Twitter, so that you too can be included in "The Match in Tweets.