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The Match in Tweets: New York Red Bulls 1-0 New England Revolution

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It tough to swallow a loss to a rival. Especially when that loss must be faced to a rival who's team is depleted. Even tougher when the depleted rival loses their top player a quarter of the way through the game and we just can't cut through.

But you know what makes the loss a little more bareable? Twitter. "The Match in Tweet" - coming just a few hours before the New England Revolution take on the Rapids - highlights some highs, but mostly lows, from the game against New York Red Bulls. Hopefully the next installment will be far more joyous. If you are tweeting solid Revolution gold during game days and haven't made "The Match in Tweets" yet, then make sure you hashtag your Revolution game-day, post-game, and day-after-game tweets with #Revs, or follow @MindOfAbram on Twitter, so that you too can be included in "The Match in Tweets.