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Bocanegra and Bedoya Rumored Out at Rangers: Is a Return Home the Next Step?

Back to the States for Bocanegra and Bedoya? (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Back to the States for Bocanegra and Bedoya? (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

News from across the pond this morning, as legendary club Glasgow Rangers FC have announced the imminent departure of up to eight first team players in an attempt slash payroll, two of whom are USMNT players Carlos Bocanegra and Alejandro Bedoya. The article from writer Scott Burns seemed to imply that it was, in fact, Bedoya who was more likely to return to MLS, stating: "It now means the likes of McCulloch, Neil Alexander, Sasa Papac, David Healy, Carlos Bocanegra and Alejandro Bedoya – if he doesn’t agree a move to the MLS – look set to be amongst the first victims when the cuts are made."

If one or both players are headed back Stateside, could either of them fit with what the New England Revolution are trying to build in Foxboro? In years past, Revs fans would say that there was no possibility, but with how active Mike Burns and Brian Bilello have been this offseason, fans can no longer rule out the possibility of being in the mix. We take a look at the possibilities of both players after the jump!

Everyone who's followed MLS long enough knows that these re-entry allocation situations tend to be a little hazy, so we will refresh your memory so we're all on the same page: "The allocation ranking is the mechanism used to determine which MLS club has first priority to acquire a U.S. National Team player who signs with MLS after playing abroad, or a former MLS player who returns to the League after having gone to a club abroad for a transfer fee."

According to MLS PressBox , the New England Revolution sit third in the allocation ranking, should they decide to make a play at either player. There's several things that could happen here should either player make the move, and the Revs are in a very interesting position to make things happen for the club.

IF BOCANEGRA COMES BACK: There's no denying the pedigree and career of Carlos Bocanegra. Once a member of those successful Chicago Fire teams in the early MLS years, American soccer fans have seen "Captain America" make stops all over Europe, including England, France, and now Scotland. The strong center back would be 33 in May, so there's no telling how long the move would be for, but it isn't too much of a stretch to think that the California-born Bocanegra would love to finish his career in the States.

Would the Revs make a move for Bocanegra? It's hard to see in my opinion. New England just recently brought in John Lozano from Colombia to fill that second CB role, and with Bocanegra's likely higher salary, it'd be difficult to see New England picking him up, especially when it seems like Vancouver has been the most keen on signing him since the original story broke in mid-February. It wouldn't make sense to me to spend a #3 allocation slot on a 33 year old CB, regardless of how good he may be.

IF BEDOYA COMES BACK: Think the Revolution midfield seems crowded now? It'd be even more so with the arrival of Alejandro Bedoya. The New Jersey native decided against the MLS Super Draft in 2008, and signed with Allsvenskan club Örebro in January of 2009. After two successful years with the club, Bedoya was part of an American infusion at Rangers, and joined Bocanegra (and Maurice Edu) at the Glasgow club in August of 2011.

Would Bedoya be a fit? Sure. The midfield talent has plenty of skill and could crack the lineup in Foxboro, but would it benefit the Revs to use their slot? New England seems to have filled their midfield needs, even more so now with the addition of Lee Nguyen last week. Bedoya would be cheaper in the salary sense than Bocanegra conceivably would be, but with money tied up in Feilhaber and Joseph in that Revs' midfield, it's hard to see the addition.

WHAT ABOUT A TRADE SCENARIO?: Fans of MLS know that there is always movement among the teams, especially in situations like this one. With New England in such a valued position, this is by far the most possible scenario I see in this entire situation. New England doesn't want to take in too much more salary now that Moreno is on his way, as well as Nguyen, so a deal with a team below them in the allocation order seems likely should the Revs want to play ball. Anything can come into play here, whether it be allocation money, or even a player. For example, New England could use their #3 slot to pick Bedoya and then trade him somewhere else if the package was right. The only problem with that is the deal would have to be worth it, because using their pick would drop New England to the bottom of the order. However, with no other USMNT players seemingly on the radar in 2012, is the risk worth taking? It's all about what New England could get in return.

It's truly dark times for the Glasgow club, and with the cuts seemingly happening anytime today or tomorrow, this situation is going to heat up very quickly. We will have all of your up to the minute info here as it all goes down.

So what do you think? Should New England use their #3 allocation slot on either of these players?