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Musket Rounds: Sorry We're Late!

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I like to get the Musket Rounds out every weekday morning by 10 AM at the latest. Alas, life intervenes. Luckily, Thursday wasn't as busy as it could have been and Friday tends to be a slow news day, so hopefully I haven't caused any of you to miss much.

Revolution Links

The Throw-In: Heaps has hardest job in MLS history |
Jonah Freedman takes a look at Jay Heaps' task as the Revs new manager in his first ever managerial role. By all accounts, he's still excited to be here.

Revs launch college student season ticket package | New England Revolution
The New England Revolution have announced an incredible deal: $99 season tickets for college students. Now, if only they could provide cheap/easy public transport to the games, maybe more students would take them up on this offer.

Absent Colombian attacker confirms he will join Revs |
Following a conference call from AZ by Jay Heaps and Mike Burns, Kyle McCarthy writes that Jose Moreno is definitely coming to New England, though he may not be in uniform by the home opener on March 10th.

Revs Notebook: One test left during positive preseason |
Kyle McCarthy talks about the preseason so far and Saturday night's rematch with the LA Galaxy.

Other Soccer Links

DC United Are Using The Most Obvious Tactic Ever To Sell Tickets | KCKRS
This is just fantastic. Take notes, Revs ticket offices.

U.S. Soccer and MLS to Announce Newly Organized Professional Referee Organization (PRO) | IMS Soccer News
Apparently, all that talk about improving the quality of officiating isn't just executives blowing smoke. Anyone who has ever watched an MLS match knows that the refereeing is just a tad worse than abominable and inexcusable, so hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

RESPECT: The Final Countdown To Goal-line Technology | Footy Matters
The International Football Association Board (IFAB) will meet in Surrey this weekend to discuss which of the goal-line technology systems will go through to the final stage of testing. If anyone else was watching AC Milan vs. Juventus last weekend, you know how important this technology is for the game as a whole.

Iker Casillas and Andres Iniesta ask people on the street for autographs and hugs | Dirty Tackle - Yahoo! Sports
Now this is advertising. Watch the video, La Liga hit the nail on the head with this.

Massey: In the end, a soccer supporter is not "more than a customer." | The Footy Blog | Blogs |
Ben Massey, who is the editor of SB Nation's Vancouver Whitecaps blog Eighty-Six Forever, penned an editorial for The Footy Blog on The Score about how recent events in Houston showcase a sense of entitlement amongst MLS supporters that may be unhealthy.

Orlando Fans Want Into MLS, Do Not Want To Use Verbs | KCKRS
Don Garber visited Orlando on Thursday to have preliminary discussions about MLS expansion into Florida. Orlando City supporters welcomed him with strong messages.