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Moving On Up...

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Yesterday, when I posted my "Five Takeaways From San Jose" I was in the quiet, cozy, suburban confines of It was comparable to a quiet cul-de-sac where mail delivery could be considered the highlight of the day second only to the neighbor's cat rustling through the garbage.

But after a whirlwind day of faux press releases and phony transactions I feel like I'm in the "big city" here at the offices of The Bent Musket. CEO Steve Stoehr spent much of his afternoon showing me around the office, and introducing me to my co-workers and showing me the ropes of this capable organization.

To build off the earlier analogy, SB Nation so far honestly has been similar to a bustling urban city core. Full of life, activity and way more people. There's people here from everywhere, covering everything. All 19 MLS clubs each have their own blogs which is awesome and I can't wait to mix it up with them.

It's bittersweet to leave the blog I called my own and move to a different forum. But I believe the potential of The Bent Musket drowns out that sadness. I look forward to being one of the five contributors on this team for 2012 MLS campaign and you should too. The Revolution are in the midst of one of the most important years in club history. Success could resuscitate a beleaguered fan base and elevate the game onto the Boston sports landscape. Failure again could do more damage to an already fragile product that the likes of an urban stadium and re-branding won't be able to fix.

I'll be in the Fort for the entire ride and sharing my thoughts here.

Click here first...good, now you can check out my farewell piece on The Indirect Kick.

TRANSACTION: The Bent Musket (SBN) – Signed Brendan Schimmel (The Indirect Kick)

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