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Everett Casino Move Could Trump a Revere SSS

First the Revere news broke. Then Somerville was back in. Suddenly, Fall River and Freetown wanted a piece of the Revolution pie, too. Now, seemingly out of the blue, Steve Wynn's plans to build a casino in Everett could halt the most recent hopes for a New England soccer-specific stadium.

Jim Rogash

Damn you, Steve Wynn! This whole stadium situation is starting to turn into a gangster movie of moving parts, backstabbing, and ridiculousness. We had already wondered before if Somerville only got back into the soccer-specific stadium talk because of Revere's involvement. Now the City of Everett is stepping to the plate with new news that is making the Revere stadium "plans" look to have more holes in it than Sonny Corleone at the end of the second act of The Godfather.

Apparently, according to the Lynn Journal, Wynn, the Las Vegas millionaire (is there any other kind?), is back in the loop for a possible Greater Boston casino. The problem: he’s not looking at Suffolk Downs or Revere; for some odd reason he’s looking in Everett along the already overcrowded Route 99.

At the end of the day, Wynn has the money, the resources, the reputation, and the clout to get this done. But what does all this have to do with our New England Revolution's stadium saga? In what seems like forever ago at this point, Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo and Boston Mayor Tom Menino were already counting their proverbial chickens. Unfortunately, no hatching had been done. Now, the dreams of a soccer-specific stadium in Revere that just a few months ago began dancing in Revolution supporters' heads may be coming to a grinding hault.

Truthfully, some people were worried about the relationship between a soccer-specific staium and a casino, but the majority of people were willing to accept it for the betterment of the team. After all, the idea of riding the Blue Line out to Wonderland for a game had everyone excited – or at least as excited as one could be about going to Revere. With Wynn sweeping in, the Revere plan could be pulled off the table all together as there can only be one casino in the Greater Boston area.

The real irony here is that Wynn had previously worked with Revolution owner Robert Kraft to try to bring the Greater Boston area casino to Foxboro. Now he could, potentially, help stop any soccer-specific stadium in Revere. It is looking a lot like the treachery and false-endings at the end of The Departed with everyone trying to figure out the truth of what is going on.

Granted, this news does not completely cancel out the Revere stadium idea, nor does it do anything to hurt or harm the Assembly Square location that seems to be the most popular for Revs’ supporters; however, it does throw a wrench into a plan that’s actual blueprint, once again, seems farther away than we had fathomed a few months back.

On the bright side, I guess maybe Fall River or Freetown could end up in the Rocky Balboa role, but that, my friends, is a whole different genre.