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Revolution Transfer Rumors: Kalifa Cisse, Walter Martinez, and an Agent Announcement

With the 2012 MLS regular season in the rear-view, the New England Revolution are starting to be connected with several players in the media. Rumors have surfaced concerning Malian midfielder Kalifa Cisse, Honduran attacker Walter Martinez, and an agent by the name of Jamie Holsgrove.

Winslow Townson

Don't we get a break? The regular season's over, the New England Revolution didn't make the playoffs, and the SuperDraft isn't for another month or so. We're still four or five months removed from the start of the 2013 MLS season, for Pete's sake! What on Earth could there be to talk about?!

Well, contracts, for one. And transfer rumors. There's a bunch of those. Hmm. I guess that's interesting stuff, too.

All right, then.

There've been a lot of mutterings floating around in the last few weeks, some about incoming transfers, while uncertainty concerning contract options casts a shadow over all proceedings in Foxboro. At this point, much of the talk has been speculation; we, like you, are very limited in things we know for certain. I'll attempt to bring you all up to speed on what we've heard.

First, the things we know: Florian Lechner's option was declined, and Matt Reis seems confident he'll be with the Revs next year. Kyle McCarty's been keeping a close eye on things in Foxboro, and he's taken to Twitter recently to keep the public abreast of happenings at Gillette. We have him to thank for the previous news items, as well as some semi-cryptic comments from Benny Feilhaber concerning his future.

As for the rumor mill, things are kind of all over the place. There were rumblings a few weeks ago that Malian defender/midfielder Kalifa Cisse was Foxboro-bound after snubbing Bristol City. These rumors are unsubstantiated, and honestly I haven't found much to corroborate it, but it's out there. At 28 years old with Premier League experience, Cisse would bring pedigree and experience to the defense, which is something that's been sorely lacking back there since Jay Heaps retired from playing the game.

More recently, we received a tip from a colleague on the network, who in turn was tipped by a source he'd like to protect, that Honduran international midfielder/forward Walter Martinez met with Jay Heaps recently to talk transfer. Martinez is currently based in China, and is allegedly looking to get closer to home by making the jump to MLS. Martinez is also represented by the same agency that reps Jerry Bengtson, a connection which could make the move more likely.

Martinez would continue to clog up an already-crowded attacking midfield, but his apparent ability to play forward increases his value. Judging by his previous scoring records, I wouldn't expect him to come in and set the world on fire, but he may be able to create both for himself and others and finally provide that final ball, the link that the Revs' midfield has been missing with the strikers, and help generate more scoring chances.

Finally, English player agent Jamie Holsgrove tweeted today that he met with the Revolution today and will have a "very important player announcement" tomorrow. Who this applies to is anybody's guess; any attempts I made to find out who Holsgrove represents turned up with two former Manchester United youth products, Sam Hewson and Febian Brandy. Neither player looks particularly attractive, though their youth brings serious upside along with it. If those two are any indication, Holsgrove seems to make a living off of lower-league English players; then again, his Twitter profile indicates that he has contacts with "MLS, Premier League, Spain, Portugal, and Argentina." Plus, any information about Holsgrove's clients could be misleading or outdated.

So that's where we are right now. If anybody hears anything, feel free to send any tips to, with the subject line of "Transfer Rumor Tip."