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New England Reportedly Sticking with Reis in 2013

It appears that the Revolution’s long-time net-minder will be returning in 2013, despite recent speculation of the contrary. In light of this news, although not yet official, one has to wonder what this spells for Bobby Shuttleworth’s future.


Word (Kyle McCarthy's) on the street (Twitter) is that Matt Reis will be with the Revs for another season. The Revolution will not be releasing an official list of players whose options were either picked up or declined until next month (also per McCarthy) but it sounds as though the Revolution will be keeping Reis around for a bit longer.

Reis, who made 27 appearances this past year, came under some significant scrutiny in Jay Heaps' inaugural season as head coach, leading to his benching in the middle of the season as well as in the final stretch in favor of backup Bobby Shuttleworth.

Although Shuttleworth experienced his share of highs and lows, finishing the season with a 3-3-1 record, there seemed to be a possible changing of the guards taking place between the posts in 2012. That now appears not to be the case. Although, McCarthy's tweet merely stated that Reis will remain with the Revs, which perhaps leaves open the possibility of Reis joining the Revolution coaching staff, though that seems unlikely especially given that Reis recently stated that he feels like he has more soccer still in him.

We'll have to wait a few more weeks for official word from the Revolution, but Revs fans should feel like this news holds water. The way that the goalkeeper situation ends up panning out next season, however, should at least be interesting.

In other player news, McCarthy also disclosed that defender Florian Lechner's option was declined by the Revolution. Again, we'll have to wait for official word, but this might indicate that the Revs are on the hunt for a right-back this off-season.