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Revolution vs. Impact: Live Game Thread Part III

The New England Revolution are in Canada to take on the Montreal Impact in the 2012 season finale. Join us for our usual live blog, done jointly with the guys from New England Soccer Today.

Richard Wolowicz

Hey everybody, welcome to our New England Revolution vs. Montreal Impact live thread. It's our last one of the year, so get your kicks in now. Neither the revs nor the Impact are in the playoffs this year, but both teams have plenty of pride to play for as coaches evaluate who gets to stick around next year and who's going to be out of a job.

Injuries again affected Jay Heaps' lineup choices, although the return of Benny Feilhaber from suspension was a boon as he slots right back into the midfield. Per usual, we'll be conducting this live thread jointly with the guys from New England Soccer Today. Join us below!


Revolution: Shuttleworth; Alston, Soares, Barnes, Guy; Tierney, Feilhaber, Simms, Cardenas; Fagundez, Bengtson

Bench: Reis, Gavin, Rowe, Nyassi, Brettschneider, Imbongo, Purdie

Impact: Perkins; Camara, Nesta, Ferrari, Brovsky; Warner, Bernier, Mallace, Arnaud; Wenger, di Vaio

Bench: Bush, Iapichino, Valentin, Ubiparipovic, Mapp, Neagle, Sebrango