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Revolution vs. Fire: CSN's Alternate Channels

The New England Revolution are, of course, being bumped to alternate channels tonight to make way for the Celtics game against the Knicks, which is a preseason game, by the way. So let's get this straight: fan appreciation night, breast cancer awareness night, high school night (I think), with football lines on the field following the UMass homecoming game and with the match hard to find on TV for some and unavailable for others.

Man, that's tough.


  • Comcast cable - 85
  • Echo/DISH TV - 450
  • Full Channel - 80
  • Shrewsbury - 34
  • Time Warner - 1998
  • RCN - 600
  • DirecTV - vc651 or MLS Direct Kick 473
  • Charter (MA, CT, VT) - 341