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Benny Feilhaber Fined By MLS

New England Revolution midfielder Benny Feilhaber received an automatic fine and one-game suspension for his red card against Philadelphia last week, but the MLS Disciplinary Committee didn't feel the punishment accurately reflected the crime. He's been fined an additional undisclosed amount.

Chris Gardner - Getty Images

Benny Feilhaber didn't have a very good second half against the Philadelphia Union on the 6th. After watching the Union jump ahead to a 1-0 lead due mostly to a lapse in a teammate's concentration, he then committed two yellow card offenses in about two minutes and earned his marching orders at a time when his team really could have used his talents in their search for an equalizer.

Today, that incident has become even more costly to Feilhaber, with "costly" being the operative word.

The MLS Disciplinary Committee announced that Feilhaber will be fined an additional undisclosed amount for "verbal and profane abuse of the official" after receiving his red card. You didn't have to be a lip reader to tell that the exchange between Benny and match official Jorge Gonzalez was less than pleasant; it isn't likely that either gentleman will be sending the other a Christmas card this year.

Feilhaber acknowledged to Brian O'Connell of New England Soccer Today that the red card was "a stupid play," although he took issue with the first card:

"The referee wasn't even going to give me a yellow card," Feilhaber said. "He was asked to give me [a] yellow card by two players on the Union you can clearly see that in the game [replay]. I don't know what happened. I didn't try to kick him after the whistle that's for sure and I definitely kicked the ball so I didn't kick the guy at all."

The Committee also saw fit to levee fines upon the Earthquakes' Jason Hernandez and the Montreal Impact as a team.