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Revolution Final Roster Info

So, last night sucked. To distract you from that, I can share with you final roster information - including salaries - for the New England Revolution. With the trade and transfer deadline having just passed, I feel this is more than appropriate.

First, a few interesting points:


  • Milton Caraglio only makes $54,000 in guaranteed compensation. Obviously his DP status is related to a loan fee.
  • Apart from Shalrie Joseph, Benny Feilhaber, Rajko Lekic and Monsef Zerka, there are no real big earners on this roster. Even so, the team's total guaranteed compensation (not counting Diego Fagundez, who is cap-free) is over three million dollars. They should have a lot to work with for cap space next year, but mathematically it doesn't make sense. The MLS cap system is so screwed up.
  • It might be just me, but when I looked at the full league list, the Revs were very underrepresented near the top of the list, and I don't mean just in DP territory. Also, the Revs have been short on quality this season. Coincidence? I think not.


Players and roster info after the jump.

In descending order of guaranteed compensation:

Player Base Salary Guaranteed Comp. Special Status
Shalrie Joseph $475,000 $500,000
Benny Feilhaber $300,000 $346,000
Rajko Lekic $275,004 $275,004 Discovery, International
Monsef Zerka $216,000 $226,000 Discovery, International
Matt Reis $187,312 $191,112
Kevin Alston $100,000 $149,000
Franco Coria $100,000 $105,000 Discovery, International
Kheli Dube $90,000 $99,000
Sainey Nyassi $80,000 $86,750 International
A.J. Soares $42,000 $82,000
Kenny Mansally $71,500 $79,000
Stephen McCarthy $42,000 $73,250
Ryan Cochrane $70,000 $71,666.67
Chris Tierney $65,000 $66,666.67
Darrius Barnes $60,500 $61,750
Pat Phelan $60,000 $60,000
Zack Schilawski $49,875 $59,875
Milton Caraglio $54,000 $54,000 DP, International
Diego Fagundez $52,500 $53,500 Home-Grown, International
Zak Boggs $42,000 $42,000
Ryan Guy $42,000 $42,000
Otto Loewy $42,000 $42,000
Tim Murray $42,000 $42,000
Bobby Shuttleworth $42,000 $42,000
Ryan Kinne $32,604 $32,604
Alan Koger $32,604 $32,604
Andrew Sousa $32,604 $32,604 Reserve

Legend of terms:

DP: I shouldn't have to explain this, but this player falls under the league's Designated Player rule, meaning that his salary (or transfer fee) is high, but only $335,000 counts toward the cap

International: These are players who are not US Citizens or green-card residents. Each team has a limited number of slots for these.

Discovery: I'm not totally clear, but I believe this means the team owns discovery rights on this player, and therefore if he leaves MLS, the team with rights gets first refusal on him if he returns. Note: The Revs also have two college discovery players, Adam Welch and Hunter Christiansen, on whom they have first refusal if they decide to come out for MLS. They were drafted but elected to finish college.

Reserve: Member of the reserve roster? I have no idea.

Home-Grown: A player who has spent a requisite amount of time in the team's academy system. His salary does not count toward the cap at all.