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The Week in Tweets (Week 10)

This segment is a weekly recap of some of the more interesting, relevant, and entertaining Revolution news as tweeted by members of the MLS world and, naturally, the Revs themselves.

This week was a rough one for the Revs; tornado warnings, Open Cup shortcomings, and a frustrating loss to David Beckham and the LA Galaxy were the unfortunate highlights. But a silver lining is surely to be found somewhere, right?

Tweets after the jump...

Ask anyone about the weather these days and they’ll tell you how things turned from miserable to warm and beautiful to now hot as hell here in the greater Boston area.


New England weather: one of life’s greatest mysteries. Anyhow, the first day the sun really broke through was on Tuesday, which also was the birthday of our mighty captain Shalrie Joseph. All the expected birthday nods were tweeted from teammates and supporters alike, and Shalrie offered the twitter-verse his one true birthday wish


After seeing Cochrane on Saturday night, though, it looks like just the opposite happened: the almighty ‘stache found its beard mate.


It was not all pleasantries on Tuesday, however, as the Revs traveled to the Midwest for their Open Cup qualifying match against Sporting KC


The devastating storms continued through the area and on Wednesday gave everyone a real scare as tornado warnings were in full effect and the team had to relocate to their hotel’s ballroom until the storm passed that afternoon


Although the weather cleared up for the game, the real storm was Sporting Kansas City who ravished the Revs 5-0, eliminating them from the US Open Cup competition.


After dusting themselves off from their midweek defeat, the Revs looked onward as they prepared to face the LA Galaxy Saturday night at Gillette Stadium. Attendance at Gillette was just shy of 22,000; a remarkable number which made the stadium look far less cavernous than usual. Among the attendees was Barstool Sports’ El Presidente who came out to support the team (and launch some t-shirts with the Rev Girls)


Also in attendance were about 2,000 women eager to snap a picture of David Beckham taking a corner kick, of which he took plenty.

And of course the fort, inhabited by supporters groups The Rebellion and The Midnight Riders, was as loud and boisterous as ever, and who would also like to remind you that there are still openings for the road trip to the dirty ‘jerz on June 10th as the Revolution take on the New York Red Bulls.


For more information about the trip visit either the Riders' website or the Rebellion's site, and while you are at it, check out this awesome video of Revs fans as they invade the Swamp back in 2007 and get yourself as pumped up as possible.


Until next week, later tweeters.