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The Week in Tweets

This segment is a weekly recap of some of the more interesting, relevant, and entertaining Revolution news as tweeted by members of the MLS world and, naturally, the Revs themselves.

This week, we have some pre and post game tweets from Shalrie Joseph, some airplane etiquette with Zak Boggs and Darius Barnes, and some congrats to send out to the Alston family.

Tweets after the jump..

We all know that there are some dos and don’ts on airplanes: smoking, kicking the seat in front of you, eating your sleeping neighbor’s peanuts, etc. After touching down in San Jose on Thursday night, I think Darrius Barnes may have had a few other examples to add to that list—courtesy of Zak Boggs?



The Revs knew they were in for a tough game this weekend, but that didn’t stop Shalrie Joseph from staying confident as the Revs sought to achieve their first 2011 win on the sunny west coast Saturday night..


Much to the chagrin of Joseph and indeed the rest of the Revolution nation, those 3 points got away from us..


Live and learn, and bring it to the next game, Shalrie!


Speaking of our captain, Kyle McCarthy of the Boston Herald shares with us some information that seems to indicate that Shalrie will indeed be joining the Grenada national team for the upcoming Gold Cup


In the age-old battle of club vs. country, it looks like country may be the victor this time around.


Well, the jet lag and the disappointment at Buck Shaw over the weekend didn’t stop Shalrie, Darrius Barnes, and Kevin Alston from going to the Boston Breakers game on Sunday as they took on the Philadelphia Independence


The Breakers ended up playing out to a 1-1 draw.


And Finally, a big ol’ pat on the back from the Bent Musket to Kevin Alston’s brother who graduated from George Mason University over the weekend. Welcome to the real world, homie.



Until next week, later tweeters.