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Musket Rounds 4/12/2011

And now, the triumphant return of the Musket Rounds!

So it turns out that the SB Nation dashboard has a "clippings" tool. Basically, I can create a links piece by going to the desired pages, "clipping" them, and then collating them into a list and filling it in with useless babble to make it look good. Kind of like what I'm doing right now.

To commemorate this occasion after such a long hiatus, we have a pretty sizable list of links here for your perusal. We cover last weekend's horror show at the Razor, some international interest in MLS talent, the effects of soccer on a national revolution (not ours), fantasy soccer and more!

So, without further ado...

The New England Revolution staff released an updated injury report today. Didier Domi is doubtful all of a sudden with a hamstring problem. Where are all these muscle strains coming from? []

Sean, Julian and co. give us their player ratings for Saturday's performance in Foxboro. Good thing there's no rating for attendance, because that's been absolutely embarrassing. [New England Soccer Today]

A.J. Soares had time to write his latest blog entry after a red card suspension kept him out of Saturday's match. Here he talks about the effects of having 3 games in 7 days - one of which was across the country. [Corner Kicks]

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Brian O'Connell give his take on something I've been harping on since the D.C. match: possession. The Revolution coaches keep talking about it, but the team continues to fail in execution. [ESPN Boston]

Frank Dell'Apa tells us about the Haitian National Team, who recently visited Harvard Stadium to play a friendly against the Crimson. They've been working hard to overcome the challenges presented by the disastrous earthquake of 2010. [Boston Globe]

Simon Walsh (editor of the Roker Report here on SBN) admits that despite being a die-hard Sunderland supporter, he can't help but respect Joey Barton. This may mark the first time in history that a Sunderland fan and a Newcastle United fan agree on something. [World Soccer Reader]

James M. Dorsey continues his excellent coverage of soccer's role in the revolution in Egypt and the struggles it continues to face in the aftermath. [The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer]

Andrew Crollard, the resident ESPN MLS Fantasy expert, gives us his week 5 breakdown and analysis. If you play ESPN's FC Manager USA game, this is a can't-miss piece. [The Allocation Order]

Steve Davis, who runs Daily Soccer Fix over here in his spare time, also does a weekly MLS breakdown column for Sports Illustrated. Here's his latest: []

You know how we're still waiting for something really definitive on the soccer-specific stadium front? Yeah, Philadelphia's already talking about expanding theirs. [WVHooligan]

Chris Nee has been putting out a series of columns related to the resurrection of the New York Cosmos and what it means for American soccer. He brings up some really good points here in part II. [Two-Footed Tackle]

Juan Agudelo has led a charmed life in the last 8-9 months. He made his MLS debut in the 2010 playoffs, setting up a goal when the Red Bulls lost to San Jose, then scored on his US Senior National team debut. He has since scored again for the national team and picked up his first MLS goal. Now, it looks like the 18-year old is garnering interest abroad. [Soccer by Ives]

And now, an injection of humor: Keith Hickey gives us his Monday breakdown of the weekend's MLS action with a hefty helping of snark. [Match Fit Reserve]

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the best players on the face of the planet; at this point, anyone you ask will list either one or the other as the greatest in the game today. However, Elliot contends that despite their talent, the almost robotic way in which they go about their dominance diminishes them in the greater context of the game and, ultimately, they fail to transcend it as the very greatest did. [Futfanatico]

Finally, watch here as David Beckham goes all Mortal Kombat on Josh Wolff and appears to literally tear out his soul with a brutal scissor-tackle from behind. [Dirty Tackle]