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Have You Recently Seen A Virus Warning On TBM?

Readers of several blogs across the SB Nation network have reported virus warnings popping up on their browsers. If anyone reading The Bent Musket has seen such messages, I have some details for you from the SB Nation support team.

This is what the product team at SB Nation recommends if this happens to you. First, close your browser and don't click on anything. Then, follow this procedure:

Send as detailed a report as possible to and include screen shots of everything abnormal you have seen. In your email include answers to the following questions:

- What browser/OS are you using?
- What site were you on?
- What page were you on?
- When day did you first see this?
- How many times have you seen it since?
- Has it happened on any other sites? Which ones?
- Did you click on anything after it redirected you to the virus scan screen?

Also, the product team would like to do a "screen share" session with you if this has happened to you; in your email let them know a time when you would be available to have such a session with them. The product team here has been working on eradicating this problem, and you can help.