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Musket Rounds: Double-Barreled Edition

Hello everybody!

I'm sorry I didn't get a Musket Rounds post up on Tuesday. To compensate, I'll do my best to include more links than usual today!

Obviously the big news today is the Revs' ordeal with trialist Rajko Lekic and the potential DP signing he represents. I'm not going to link any stories about that, because I have ongoing coverage here where I'm providing as many updates as I can get my hands on. Today has not and will not be a productive day at the 9-5.

The biggest story in American soccer is the Chad Ochocinco trial at Sporting KC, so we'll have some links for that, and more. Get your fix after the jump.

Raf Crowley gives his two cents on how the USMNT should proceed in light of Stuart Holden's injury and the withdrawal of Zak Whitbread and Steve Cherundolo from the squad that will face Argentina and Paraguay. [The Yanks Are Coming]

After his first day of training with the team, Ochocinco told the Associated Press in Kansas City that he'd play for free if they let him. [AP]

Reports are indicating that Robbie Rogers is dissatisfied in Columbus and wants out, but statements from the team are contradictory. That hasn't stopped several MLS teams from making informal inquiries. Should the Revs be looking into this? [The Columbus Dispatch]

Revs alumni Adin Brown made his first MLS start in almost seven years for the Portland Timbers on Saturday. According to Geoffrey C. Arnold, he was one of the few standout performers in their loss to Colorado. []

The Revs own Steve Nicol had strong opinions concerning the future of Liverpool FC's managerial seat. Calm down - he didn't suggest himself. [ESPN Soccernet]

I don't care you who you are, you HAVE to watch this Charlie Davies tribute video, titled "The Miracle In RFK." Credit goes to Mike Brienza of for creating the video. [Youtube]

Elliot explains why Sepp Blatter is not a maniacal dictator, but rather a despot who may be on his way out. [Futfanatico]

Brian O'Connell is optimistic that the Revs terrible luck from last season may have been shaken off at last, if Sunday's draw in Carson is any indication. [New England Soccer Today]

Anthony Mannino thinks the USMNT needs Charlie Davies for this summer's Gold Cup. If he can prove that his brace against Columbus wasn't a fluke (and I think he can), I'm totally in agreement. [USA 10 Kit]

Steve Davis, another contributor here on SB Nation, has re-opened the debate of whether or not "passport players" are a good fit for the US National Team. What do you think? [Daily Soccer Fix]

Zach Woosley, editor-in-chief of the Houston Dynamo blog Dynamo Theory here on SB Nation, posted an open letter to Don Garber on his personal blog. It concerns officiating standards and is a call to action, especially in light of comments Garber made about what he thinks needs to change about refereeing in MLS. [Ginge Talks The Footy]

Ridge Mahoney grades the "four degrees of DPs" in MLS. As the Revs turn up the heat in their search for a first DP, it's a good look at how successful previous signings of that nature have been. [Soccer America]

I love it when Matthew does long-form interviews with US players, and this chat with Brek Shea is no different. Give it a read. [The Shin Guardian]

In the wake of all the fanfare generated by Anton Hysen coming out of the closet as an openly-gay footballer, the tragic and ongoing story of Lisa Howe is being overlooked. It shouldn't be, and Outside Mid is kind enough to let us know why. [Unprofessional Foul]

On the subject of homosexuality in soccer, and also while we're linking to UF, The Fan's Attic let's us know that Norwich City is honoring the late Justin Fashanu, who outed himself in 1990 while still playing football in Europe. [Unprofessional Foul]