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Thursday Musket Rounds

I have made the executive decision to do these link posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week. I have also come up with a name: Musket Rounds! Get it? Musket like the name of the blog and it's a gun so you have rounds and we're making our rounds in the world of soccer...

Yes, I understand muskets shot balls but I'm fairly certain "Musket Balls" would have been met with a lot of snickering and juvenile giggles. And also wouldn't have made sense in context.

Today we have some updates on the Revs' preseason fortunes and alumni, a few additions to the SBNation family, and homosexuality in football, among others.

Links after the jump.

The Revolution's preseason unbeaten streak was thoroughly broken in a 3-1 loss to Columbus in Kennesaw, Georgia yesterday. Ilija Stolica scored the Revs' only goal. []

Over at the Shin Guardian, Matthew has put together a motley panel of MLS "experts" who are making their predictions for the upcoming season. In this installment, they are putting in their preseason picks for various player awards (real or imagined), and Shalrie makes a rather ignominious appearance. [The Shin Guardian]

In our first alumni update, Outside Mid profiles the recent upswing in fortunes of Clint Dempsey's Fulham. [Unprofessional Foul]

Is there a brewing cover-up controversy in MLS preseason? The esteemed Michael C. Lewis reveals that a bench-clearing brawl occurred at the end of a preseason match between RSL and Sporting KC that neither team is reporting. [The Salt Lake Tribune]

Bryan Ashlock is risking eternal damnation by examining why KC's stadium naming rights deal with LiveSTRONG is a bad idea. By the way, kudos to Kevin for the design at TAO, that layout and color scheme is slick. [The Allocation Order]

In another alumni check-in, Michael Videira is back in MLS after he was signed by Chicago. [Soccer By Ives]

Miriti Murungi doesn't write ask frequently as the rest of us basement-dwellers, but when he does it's always something worth reading. Today he talks about Anton Hysén coming out of the closet and why the necessity of such a revelation is evidence of how far in the closet the rest of us are. [Nutmeg Radio]

Brian at The Drug Is Football highlights some of the Revs' recent billboard marketing campaigns. Hey, if it worked for Portland... [The Drug Is Football]

Andy Huffman points out how social media and recent marketing are bringing us Revolution fans closer than ever. [Football Boston]

Finally, check out some of our new brethren here at SBNation soccer! Roker Report (Simon Walsh) will be covering Sunderland AFC and FMF State of Mind (Eben Lehman and Kevin McCauley) gives a total look at Mexican futbol. If you aren't already familiar with the work of these gentlemen, I highly recommend them.