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Revs To Reveal New 2012/13 Kits

Bye-bye shoulder pads? Let's hope so... (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
Bye-bye shoulder pads? Let's hope so... (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The New England Revolution have announced today that they will be revealing their new 2012-2013 kit at an event on December 3rd at the Gillette Stadium ProShop. The event will unveil the new threads that the Revs will be wearing for the next two seasons, but will not be the first look that fans can get of them.

Beginning on November 25th, fans of who "like" the New England Revolution on Facebook can catch glimpses of the new kit through a series of teasing swatches leading up to the event on the 3rd. The 25th is also the day that fans can begin pre-ordering the new jerseys.

The Revolution will also be donating a portion of the proceeds from all jersey sales between November 25th and December 5th to the UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation. You can find out more information about this charity at

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The Revs unveiled their shirt sponsor, UnitedHealthare, in April 2011 while the season was already under way. One might expect that this new jersey will be designed to incorporate the UnitedHealthcare logo a bit better than we saw this past season. That is, of course, just an assumption.

Personally, one hope that I have (and one that I know many other fans share as well) is that the Revs will get rid of the gray shoulder pad design that we saw the past two seasons. The further that we can distance the team from their American Football big brothers, the better. And I'll also throw out there that I would LOVE to see a new and updated logo/crest one of these days. Without getting too into it, I think that a new crest would help the Revs update their overall appearance from the MLS 1.0 state of being they are in now, and would also support the club's task of fostering a new identity as they try to rebuild in 2012 under new leadership. Of course, I won't be holding my breath.

You can find the entire news announcement and learn more about attending the event on the 3rd--which will also be a meet and greet with several Revolution players--at the Revolution's website.

What are your expectations for the new kit? Anything in particular you'd like to see? Will you be attending the event on the 3rd? Leave your comments below.