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New England Revolution vs. Seattle Sounders: Home Live Game Thread

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Welcome to the New England Revolution vs. Seattle Sounders live game thread! Everything you need to know going into this match has already been mentioned in the match preview, but I'll take a minute to let you know what the keys are going to be for the Revs in this match.

Seattle is a team that has weapons literally everywhere, and they aren't exactly calling off the dogs in the name of resting players. Fredy Montero is the obvious threat, but Erik Friberg and Alvaro Fernandez are proven internationals oozing with talent. They are just as liable to score or create as Montero, and it will be important for the Revs to stay sharp and concentrate for 90 minutes to contain the Sounders' considerable offensive talents - something New England has been unable to do at all this season.

Oh, and Diego Fagundez is, in fact starting. Go Diego, Go!


Revolution: Reis; Tierney, Soares, Cochrane, Alston; Guy, Joseph, Feilhaber, Zerka; Fagundez, Caraglio

Bench: Shuttleworth, Barnes, Boggs, Dube, Mansally, Phelan, Schilawski

Sounders: Keller; Scott, Wahl, Ianni, Levesque; Fernandez, Carrasco, Friberg, Estrada; Jaqua, Montero

Bench: Ford, Alonso, Fucito, Hurtado, Neagle, Ochoa, Parke

Live blog embedded after the jump - join us and leave your thoughts and comments!