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Long Absence

Hey guys, sorry for the long hiatus but it's been a roller-coaster couple of weeks.

First, the Christmas holiday obviously cut into my ability to write. It was a good one spent with family and friends, and as has been the case since back when I was in college, I was awash with a feeling of homesickness once I returned to my dingy little Brighton apartment and monotonous job the following week. So my inspiration waned, and then that weekend was the New Year.

I went home again, and thus didn't have the time to write...again. Then I came back to Massachusetts ready to break through the wall and get back into the rhythm of things! Instead, I came down with the flu, which I'm still fighting right now.

In the meantime, I was supposed to participate as the Revs representation in the SBNation mock SuperDraft, which didn't happen due to severe flu symptoms. The draft did go on without me, though, and you can find the results here.

So I want to apologize for my slovenly work rate in the last few weeks, and I promise that starting this weekend I'll be back on the horse. I hope everyone reading had a great holiday, and may the new year be better than the last.

- S