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Tuesday Links

Don’t get too mad, I know we missed out on these little items last week. I apologize profusely for my laziness.

I’d like to say I have a lot of Revolution news to share, but…I really don’t. Ever notice how the rest of the league can be making headlines and the Revs operate in such obscurity that everyone outside of New England (hell, everyone outside of Mass, RI and New Hampshire) forgets they exist? Frankly, it’s quite frustrating, but in lieu of that, here are the happenings in the world of soccer this morning:


Matthewsf is reporting the same rumor that has been flying around pretty heavily in the last few days: Robbie Findley may be on the verge of a move to Nottingham Forest. Yes. That Robbie Findley. I know. [The Shin Guardian]

Gary Andrews lists his runners-up for Football Man of the Year, a lineup I found to be interesting and enlightening in some ways. Each of these men has either had a phenomenal year in soccer or made nigh-unquantifiable contributions to the game in 2010. [Two-Footed Tackle]

MLS is reportedly asking for $20 million from FSC for broadcasting rights. No, that is not a typo. [Goal]

The 2011 First Kick fixtures have been released, and it looks like the Revs will be opening the season in LA again. That said, we get the earliest home opener in franchise history against DC. [New England Soccer Today]

Dimitar Berbatov, after winning his seventh Bulgarian Footballer of the Year award, has asked not be considered for the award again. [Dirty Tackle]

Landon Donovan was named US Soccer Athlete of the Year in the male category. [Fanhouse Soccer]

Drew Epperley put together an interesting parallel commentary on an article laying out which American and Canadian internationals abroad should make the trip home to ply their trade in MLS. [WVHooligan]

Adam Soucie gives an insider’s look at the newly-unveiled Orlando City crest. [Match Fit USA]

The US U-20 Men’s National Team swept Canada in Ft. Lauderdale this weekend, with promising performances from several youngsters. A 5-0 win is a 5-0 win, even if the opponent is America’s Hat. [Yanks Abroad]

And finally, former Boston College star and National Team regular Charlie Davies made the bench for the first time since his horrific and nearly-fatal car accident in October 2009 that killed a passenger and left Davies with a broken face and lacerated bladder, among other injuries. Sochaux is apparently taking his recovery very slowly, but this is a major, major step for a man who just months ago didn’t know if he would ever live a normal life again. [Match Fit USA]