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Could Rhode Island be the Revolution's New Home?


Reports have surfaced that Rhode Island might be interested in housing the Revolution. Would this be good for the team?


Caesar's Out at Suffolk Downs

In a gut-wrenching twist of events, Caesar's has been forced to pull out of the casino deal at Suffolk Downs. FanPoster LETSGOREVS has the link and the lowdown.

Revs to Somerville...?

AS Roma owner James Pallotta speaks out about the Revs possible move to Somerville. Haven't we heard this before? And wouldn't it be nice to hear it from our own owner?


ATTN: Supporters' Summit Attendees

The annual New England Revolution Supporters' Summit is coming up in a matter of weeks, and there are plenty of questions to be asked of executives at that event. Perhaps chief among those...

Everett casino could end Revere stadium plans


Any plans for the Revolution to build a soccer-specific stadium in Revere hinge on the city's ability to build a casino at Suffolk Downs. With Steve Wynn working to bring that casino to Everett...


Looking Ahead: What Would the New Stadium Look Like?

The cynic in me thinks that they'll just slap some cinder blocks and mortar together and build a bland stadium with no interesting elements or unique embellishments. Houston's stadium is...

Fall River Wants The Revs

The Revolution stadium situation only gets better. Now it appears that Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan has stepped forward as another municipality desirous of an MLS stadium within the city limits.

Somerville And Revere Are Both Net Wins

With Somerville and Revere are now vying for a Revs SSS, we wonder if maybe Bob Kraft had it right all along.


The Pros: Assembly Square over Wonderland

It's a question that's being asked: Why is Assembly Square a better site for a potential Revolution SSS than Wonderland? Both certainly have their merits, but here's the case for the Somerville...

Oh the Irony


So we who follow the Revs should all know that today the team will put on a press conference with Santander/Sovereign Bank and soccer legend Pele. What we aren't 100% sure about is what will be announced. While I'm pretty sure an SSS will not be announced today I couldn't pass up the opportunity to show you guys this ironic turn of events. It turns out a "Sovereign Bank Stadium" already exists in Pennsylvania! It's tenants? None other than the York Revolution baseball team!

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