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Revs sign Gabe Latigue

It may not have been expected at the start of preseason, but after a stellar February, Gabe Latigue earned his professional contract with the Revolution on Friday.

Physicality and Set Pieces in 2013

Last season, the Revs were god-awful on set-pieces and got beaten up all over the field by physical teams. The two issues are strongly linked, and here's why those problems need to be fixed to be...

Previewing the 2013 Revolution season

Even with all the heartache of the last three seasons, isn't it tough not to be excited and optimistic going into a new Revolution season? Here's a quick rundown of key additions, losses, and some...

Steve Previewing 2013 on Around The League


Steve made his first appearance of the season on CSRN's Around the League podcast, taking 15 minutes to preview the New England Revolution season ahead of First Kick. Give it a listen.

Setting Realistic Goals for New England

The Revolution are mere days away from kicking off their 2013 season. What competitions do you think they have a realistic chance of winning?

A Preview of Heaps' Tactics in 2013

In 2012, the Revs struggled mightily to find their tactical identity. Ahead of the 2013 season, Devin Pleuler bears down on what happened last year and how it translates into a need for width,...

Revs vs. RSL: Live Stream and Open Thread

The Revs' third DDC match is up against a new-look RSL squad. We've got the live stream and an open thread, so come join the discussion and follow along with us.

The Couch Captain: Dissecting the Depth Chart


With First Kick rapidly approaching, Matty Jollie begins to take a look at the Revs' depth chart and how this team may line up in Chicago.

Revs vs. Red Bulls: DDC Live Stream and Discussion

The Revolution and the Red Bulls are set to face off in a preseason rivalry match down in Tucson, their second match of the Desert Diamond Cup. Maybe we can go without blood this time?

Revs 0, Sounders 2: Rough for a Preseason Game

The Revs lost 2-0, and didn't look all that great at times, but really now. Can we all agree that someone forgot the memo that said "take it easy on the rough stuff, this is a preseason game?"

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