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Twitter Tells Us Who the Revs' Rivals Are

This weekend we asked who the Revs' true rivals are. The response was...illuminating.

Boston Magazine Slams Kraft Ownership

Boston Magazine ran a scathing column condemning the Krafts' ownership of the Revs, citing sources including former players. Does this turn up the media heat on the ownership to pay more attention...


Revs Stadium Linked to Olympic Bid?

LETSGOREVS has yet another stadium FanPost up, this time pointing out that the failed Suffolk Downs vote may not spell the end of options outside Somerville. Could a Boston Olympic bid bring a...


Zoning Issues in Assembly Square

The original plan to install an Ikea at Assembly Square fell through, and now there are some interesting things happening in Somerville with that site. Do the signs point to future Revolution...

Stadium Updates and a Note on Recent Events

There have been some major developments related to the award of two gaming licenses to designated areas in Massachusetts, including Suffolk Downs, a location of interest to Revs fans. LETSGOREVS...


The Revs Are Not The Least Ambitious Franchise!

Regular reader and commenter ExiledinUSA has penned another FanPost in response to Grant Wahl's recent article ranking the New England Revolution as the second-least ambitious franchise in MLS....

Are Somerville and the New England Revolution Playing Ball? " Somerville Scout | Somerville Events, News & Culture


Adam Vaccaro, a guy I went to college with, just penned an article for the Somerville Scout Magazine about the Revolution stadium situation. He interviewed me for a fan perspective, and I have quotes within. He gets a deeper perspective on Mayor Curtatone's stance.

Somerville And Revere Are Both Net Wins

With Somerville and Revere are now vying for a Revs SSS, we wonder if maybe Bob Kraft had it right all along.

Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo Talks Revolution On Fox

Talks between the Revs and the town of Revere might be preliminary, but talk in the media and amongst fans about a Revolution stadium at Wonderland is in full swing. Mayor Rizzo even went on Fox 25...

Revs Escalating Stadium Talks At Wonderland

Word came out last week that the New England Revolution were back in talks with Revere about building a stadium at the old Wonderland Dog Track, and Brian Bilello lent some credence to the news. Is...

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