Gabe Latigue Tears MCL and ACL in his Right Knee, Out for Season

Gabe Latigue with Rhinos teammate J.C. Banks, who suffered a torn ACL in 2012 - USA TODAY Sports

Latigue's knee injury ends his 2013 season and forces the Rhinos to look to add former a Canadian youth international

Gabe Latigue has performed well when given playing time in USL-Pro this season. The rookie winger has notched two assists in the last three games, while only playing 141 minutes of the possible 270 during that span. His performance against Richmond last Friday earned him a place in USL-Pro's Team of the Week.

Gabe didn't settle into the Rhinos immediately at the beginning of the season as former head coach Jesse Myers preferred to start other players. As time went on, however, Latigue figured out how to adapt his calmer, possession style to the directness and speed of the Rhinos' approach. Under interim head coach Pat Ercoli, Latigue has earned more playing time and has shined during those opportunities.

Latigue injured his right knee while training Monday on the Rhinos' old turf at Sahlen's Stadium. The turf has been cited by players several times this season as being in dangerous need of a replacement. If turf is properly managed and replaced regularly, it can provide a great playing surface. But when the surface is allowed to fall into disrepair, every game or training session is a gamble.

Of the complaints against the surface at Sahlen's Stadium, J.C. Banks had the most succinct.

Gabe posted this picture to Instagram on Monday on his way back to the Boston area:

And this one on Tuesday after scans on his knee:

During a training session on Monday, Gabe damaged the MCL, ACL, and meniscus in his right knee. With such a serious injury to his knee, he's out for the remainder of the Rhinos' season right at the time when his performances were beginning to bolster the team. Just days after his spirited performance against Richmond, which earned him a place in USL-Pro's Team of the Week, Latigue twisted his knee awkwardly during training.

It is truly a tough break for the young player who was starting to establish himself with the team.

I'll have more information about Latigue's replacement signing Pierre-Rudolph Mayard once his transfer certificate is officially approved by USL and USSF.

Latigue's injury is the team's third long-term injury of the season following Matt Luzunaris, who suffered a horrific broken leg in the home opener, and Michael Tanke, who was diagnosed with compartment syndrome in his thigh.


The injury happened during practice. And since the injury happened during practice I can post this video because nobody likes practice.

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