General MLS Moan

I admit, I'm not really a big MLS fan. I supported the Revolution in '96 and '97, because I thought it was my duty as an American soccer fan. Obviously big strides have been made for the league, and the future is mostly positive, I think.

That said, I'm a cynical bastard, so I just wanted to unleash some pent up frustration with some of the decisions they've made, specifically:

Team names. "Real Salt Lake"? Are you f*cking kidding me? Salt Lake has NOTHING to do with Spanish royalty. There's not even a link with any Spanish club with "Real" in their name. Just embarrassing.

Club badges/crests. The Revolution's mid 90's graphic design art student contest winner submission style logo is AN ATROCITY.

The Columbus Crew. Cringe inducing name and even worse badge. Three stooges in hard hats? AWFUL.

Chivas USA. For starters, they are racist against non-Mexicans. They should be sanctioned for that alone. It is basically a B team for Chivas in Mexico, which only makes MLS look like an inferior league. We should be aspiring to be more than a league for has beens and not good enough yets.

The Chicago Fire. Is this an homage to the fire that destroyed the city in the 1800's? If so, questionable decision to say the least. If not, then it's clearly an homage to the Chicago Fire Department? Their crest is basically a fire department badge. Either way, it's a total fail.

I think they should let clubs operate with more independence. Let clubs negotiate kit deals like they do shirt sponsorships. It's boring to see every team geared out in Adidas.

Give clubs more flexibility to negotiate contracts without the restraints placed on them by a suffocating system. Once Bob Kraft sees more ambitious clubs signing more exciting players, he'll eventually be forced to act.

And that brings be to Kraft. That a founding MLS club is still playing in a NFL stadium 18 years on, is a disgrace, and a mark of shame on the entire league. I'd be pissed if I were a traveling fan from DC, Philly or NYC.


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