Rebranding the NWSL: Breaking In



Salutations. Nice to see you all in good health and enjoying the world cup (or lamenting the poor form of the Revs lately. I for one, am not looking forward to the match against the Fire because Nguyen's out). Now, I decided to go on ahead and watch some of the NWSL, as I do believe highly in women's soccer and would very much like to see it succeed. I quite enjoyed the Breaker's last game against Seattle Reign FC, though the result was heartbreaking. I went through the week in the NWSL, I noticed something rather distressing to me...








(The Chicago Red Stars are exempt from this criticism.)

Seriously, many of them use the same template over and over. The Thorns, Breakers and Kansas City at one point shared a home kit simply because of it's look. Admittedly, some steps have been taken, but I don't think that's enough for some teams. In fact, most of them took a step BACKWARD by aligning into three templates. This is Soccer, Futbol, Footy, etc. This is a sport where you can afford to get a little crazy with it. I think a total re-brand is in order. So to begin, we must start at home, for that's where the heart is, no?

Rebranding the Breakers: Badge

The Breakers' badge is simply kind of bad as it stands.



Gradient background, busy construction, distracting text outside the borders of the's a mess. Just simply, a real busy, minor league-y mess. So, what can be done? Well, we'll start by...

Making the gradients less noticeable (At Least on the Badge): Gradients will play a part in tonight's show, but we need to pace ourselves. Look at how many places on the badge this happens. On the ball, in the background, its somewhat happens in the detail of the wave, its almost entirely gradients. The breakers only have two colors, guys!

Giving the impression of a wave or waves by being subtle about it: The wave idea, and the name "Breakers" is an awesome alliterative addition to the badge...on paper. The way it's executed could be done a tad better.

Removing the actual Soccer ball: Call it a pet peeve of mine, but for Christ's sake, some of the best badges in the world (Newcastle United, Everton, Real Madrid etc.) feature no ball of any kind, and more teams should strive towards that kind of thing. In fact, many allude to there being a ball in some way with a circular object that strongly resembles a ball, though not often detailed as one. Let's make that the centerpiece, A rolling wave that curls into a ball in the center.

Sharpen the Shield: While my photoshop skills are not tremendous, the way this shield is implemented is a bit haphazard.

Change the font of the lettering and stick the wording inside the shield: Self explanatory. It's obnoxious to have letters hanging out like that. Lets fix that.

With all these changes in mind, my somewhat sleep deprived mind came up with this.



I'm not one to toot my own horn, but considering I've put in a maximum of zero hours of sleep in the last 18 I think this is actually quite good. It's better than the original anyway...

Now, we move on to the uniforms. Let's take a look at what the Breakers are wearing already,

4kw0rhe_medium Atvhjcy_medium

I will be the first to say this: This is a nice, classic look for a team that could really use something like it. There is however, a bit of a problem here...







...Three other teams use this exact same template. it sucks the fun out of the uniform. It goes from "Simple but good" to "Just another like Thorns FC/Dash etc.". It makes the uniform a bit boring in my opinion.

So let's get a little crazy with the uniform.

Use the Badge as a decider for what the look will be: The colors, the visual elements, and considerations in general.

Gradients CAN work, but only if you're smart about it: We're going to add one to the mix, and it's going to work as a bit of an accent to the uniforms, as the most interesting visual on the current uniform is...well...the sponsor right now. Yippee skippee. Let's distract ourselves from that, shall we?

Away kits can in fact have a color on them: White is fine and all, but why not jazz it up a little?



By "crazy", I meant "Keep the Blue almost the same." I like the solid blue, it's a very nice look, but it needs something to stand out in a total re-brand, so I decided that it should receive a bit of an updating.

the badge, effectively the thing you see before you even take the pitch (on ads, the board outside the stadium, on a nice slogan on the architecture somewhere), should determine where we get our visual elements And for that, the simple wave design works well in both contexts. It adds a nice little bit of visual depth to the home kit without going crazy on it, and it gives a striking contrast to the away kit, keeping it unique from the opponents colors and home kits, even if they happen to wear the same color.

Next time (if there is one), we go to Western New York, and see if we can't give a little spark to create a Flash...

Thank you for reading, and feedback on what you think of this as opposed to the current look is always appreciated!

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