New York City FC Signed David Villa, So Who Could The Revolution Sign?

David Ramos

As most of you know, David Villa has left Atletico Madrid and signed for New York City FC. I'm pretty mad about this, so, to help ease my pain, I'm just going to throw out some names of people we could sign that would help us to both fill up seats and improve the overall quality of the team. Please also give suggestions, as I am very biased toward Serie A forwards and Italian players.

1) Robinho: I saw his name thrown out a couple of times, and I think he fits the criteria. He is a big name, due to his Brazilian heritage and the fact he is a great player in my opinion. He would fill a lot of seats, mostly because there are a LOT of Brazilians in the area, and they will want to see their countrymen score goals in person. He will improve the quality of the team because he is a seasoned vet of high quality leagues in Europe. He may not have much MLS experience, but look at what Obafemi Martins is doing in Seattle.

2) Antonio Cassano: He is only 31 years old, has many good years left in him and is a great player. I may be biased as an Italy fan, but he would improve the team and fill some seats. He would require a DP contract, but it is worth the investment. There are scores of Italy fans in the area, at least 75% of whom would go and watch Cassano in person. He would improve the team because he is fast and a great finisher, so if Mullins, Teal, or Diego slump or get injured, he can fit into the team and do a great job. Plus, he has experience with Roma, Real Madrid, Milan, and Inter.

3) Alejandro Bedoya: Following in the footsteps of Dempsey, Bradley, and others, Bedoya would be a great signing for the team, and would for the criteria for me. He has European experience, is just 27 years old, and could be a good replacement for Dorman if he slumps or gets injured. He is a U.S. midfielder, and would fill seats with United States National Team fans and maybe some Colombian fans due to his heritage. He would be a great signing.

There are more, but I'm too bored, so here's a list:

Pazzini, Cole, Steven Fletcher, Andy Reid, and the greatest signing of all time... LORD BENDTNER.

But let's be honest, we have Kraft, so we aren't going to do anything.

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