An Aribitrary Number Of Thoughts: Revs vs. Sounders

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Do you hear that sizzling? That's the sound of the New England Revolution firing on all cylinders... or maybe it's the sound of them scorching the Seattle Sounders 5-0... or maybe it's the sound of Patrick Mullins or Teal Bunbury's hot streak.... I don't know! So many sizzling possibilities!

The hottest team in the league got even hotter this past Mother's Day as they absolutely destroyed the Seattle Sounders, who came into Foxborough on the wave of a 5-game unbeaten streak. This game showcased just what the Revs can do when they're firing on all cylinders. But perhaps even more important than that, it was an opportunity to show any remaining doubters that their wins over Sporting Kansas City and Toronto FC were no flukes. And they did exactly that. So, here's some thoughts on this beautiful, amazing match that I cannot stop watching the highlights from.

5 Goals Is Nice, But... Don't gloss over the contributions of this Revolution defense, especially in the first 15 minutes or so. Seattle had several opportunities to put themselves on the scoreboard before the Revs, and that would have most likely changed the rhythm, tempo, and mindset of the game for both teams. This could have been a totally different result if Bobby Shuttleworth and his backline didn't come up huge in shutting down the Sounders' persistent offense in the game's opening stages.

Mullins The Hybrid. That's right, Patrick Mullins is showing everyone just how much of a striker he can be. Not only can he hold up the ball extremely well, something we saw him showcase 2 weeks ago against Toronto FC, but he can also be a very dangerous poacher, as we saw in his opening, 14th minute goal against Seattle. This kid has it all, and it really looks like it's clicking for him. If he can keep up this run of form and avoid any significant injury, Mullins may just give Chicago's Harrison Shipp some serious competition for rookie of the year come October.

Mullins Emergence = Bunbury's Success. Now that Patrick Mullins has found himself a home as the Revolution's starting center-forward (and, let's be honest, it's clearly his job to lose at this point), Teal Bunbury has found new life as a winger. As's Matt Doyle put it last week, Bunbury is occupying a sort of hybrid role himself, as a "target winger". With the main attention of the opposing center backs now off of him (at least for the most part), Bunbury has been able to find himself room to breathe and pick his moments to attack. Clearly his best match yet was this past Sunday against the Sounders. Bunbury made himself a nuisance for his entire time on the pitch, and he was able to contribute to the build-up play much more effectively as well. And, I mean, just look at this PERFECT ball to Diego Fagundez on the Revs' 4th goal.




Speaking Of Fagundez... What a world of a difference it makes for the Revs when he is constantly involved in the attack instead of disappearing. Fagundez really came to life against the Sounders, allowing himself to react to the game rather than constantly chase it. Diego's soccer instincts are undeniable, and I think this was the first game of 2014 where he really let his inhibitions go and found his game. The result? A very satisfying brace. Welcome back, Diego.

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