Suffolk Downs Threatens end Horse Racing if no Casino.

The threat is on. Suffolk Downs now looks to close up their horse racing business if the casino does not pass. There have also been rumblings of a new casino ban in Massachusetts. This potential ballot measure has the Attorney General weighing in.

"Last fall, Attorney General Martha Coakley ruled the ballot petition was unconstitutional because it breaks the implied contract between the Gaming Commission and the casino operators. Gambling opponents disagreed and appealed to the SJC, which will hear arguments in early May."

Why is this important to Revs Fans?

Because Suffolk Downs owns 2 potential stadium spots.

Spot 1

WONDERLAND. The old dog track was purchased by Suffolk Downs after Wonderland closed up shop years ago. This spot has been rumored for years as a potential Revs Destination. It is located just outside of Boston and directly off of a Blue Line T stop. Overall this spot is promising even though we got bad news last year when the City of Revere was not granted the land in casino negotiations.

Spot 2

Suffolk Downs Race Track itself. A large location right in east boston. It also sits off of the T. Probably more space for a stadium in this area than Wonderland.


Most likely Wonderland. IF the Casino goes through, and IF horse racing dies, then the rumor has always been that Suffolk Downs wants to develop a retail site in East Boston. Meaning they may be willing to shed their other assets to put all their eggs in one basket. One of those assets is the Wonderland race track. Only time will tell. And as always it depends on how much the Krafts really want it.

Now you may ask how does spot 1 come into play? Well Boston Mayor Marty Walsh may want a say in what is built in the rubble that was Suffolk Downs. All indications are that Mayor Walsh is PRO stadium. Maybe a Stadium privately financed by Kraft in Partnership with a Suffolk Downs retail site is an attractive deal for Mayor Walsh. Kraft gets a stadium, Suffolk Downs gets retail and the city brings in the bacon from both.

My last post was doom and gloom...but there may be hope.

Lets go Revs!

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